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Aug 22, 2010


I am back!  I am getting okay after a full rest.  I missed you guys.  I missed plurk, twitter, facebook and my blogs!  I missed my friends.  And I missed ice cream!

Speaking of friends, they are essential for our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
my high school friends

Friends listen to our heartaches without blaming us for having problems.  They defend us when we're under attack.  They are happy when we succeed and sad when we fail.  They give us wise counsel to keep us from making foolish choices.  They even risk making us angry for the sake of making us right.  My friends done all and more for me.

my work mates

True friends never need to ask the reasons why, they just know they are needed.  Indeed, true friends are like diamonds- precious and rare.

my kikay kikay and my best friend.  I missed the old times.  I missed their company.


dong ho said...

saya nga naman talaga na makakasama ang mga ka-klase. matagal tagal ko na rin hindi nakikita mga high school kong classmates.

AQbeck said...

Hey dude, this is Alex from California. Ive been reading your blog and I loved the stuff about your boxer shorts collection. I was wondering if it has grown/shrank/etc?

order acai said...

is very hard to be away from your friend. I know this because I'm in the same situation like you are.