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Aug 19, 2010


Photographers take hundreds of images without hesitation because they know that the more pictures they have to choose from the better chance they'll get just the best one.Usually, I have taken photos in succession.  You can't control the expression on your model.  At least 3 to five is good for most candid situations.  Unexpectedly, you may even capture something wonderful.  Fortunately, there's digital camera!  With it, you can take countless shots without worrying big expense and can set it in specific features. 

This is not the end of taking and making the photos special.  Please check my other blog for the final touch.


nuts said...

wow! i love those smiles! great!

dong ho said...

kamukhang kamukha mo siya. cute ang last shot.

dapat may bayad na yan lagi na siya ang model.

sheng said...

Redlan, yan ba anakis mo? Cutesy. Oo nga, magbabayad ka na ng mahal diyan sa susunod, baon po itay!

Reena said...

He's your son? Kamukha mo! So cute ha. :) Tama, take lots of photos of him at every stage of his life. Tapos gawan mo ng scrapbook. Ang saya nun. :) Enjoy taking photos of him.

pusang kalye said...

parang kuha ng dslr ah...pwede.

Redlan said...

NUTS: Kulet niyan, behind that smile, the foolish mind.

DONG HO: Sa akin pinaglihi eh. Everytime bumibisita ako sinisingil ako niyan ng pasalubong. Yan ang contract namin.

Sheng: Sabi ng daw ako ang tatay niyan. Sabi-sabi na lang yan ngayon.

Reena: Yun lang ang kaya kung magawa sa kanila. Case solved na yang father-and son.

Anton: Expert talaga ang may dslr. hehehe