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May 1, 2010


Financial Statements and other attachments of Corporation to be submitted to the SEC. (Ganyan kadami ang attachment 6 copies pa)

After the over over work and over time, I declared that I am not that busy now. I mean, work makes me always busy but not over busy now. Super busy is over now should I say. (Tawhay pa sa pulis.)

It's May 1, Labor day but the President declared the holiday on Monday. As I've always say, I need to manage my time, work diligently yet I can't do it right. Today, I wake up so early surprisingly. Oh yeah! (For one and a half month, I slept early in the morning.) Back then, I am so happy that I started this month right. I attended the mass @ 7am. Then I dropped by in the nearest photocopier to leave a photocopied file for bookbinding. I went to Chowking to have an early breakfast. I tried Echo's orange chicken at last.
I jotted down the important reminders and special days on my planner for May 2010 while eating. After eating I went directly to the barber shop. I don't need to give an instruction for my new haircut. The barbero knew it's still semi-kalbo number 2. I visited my soon to be a new personal client. I gave business insights and ideas in opening a business as partnership. I arrived in the office @ 9:30 am.

I had a to go lunch treat from my office mate. Ng Nor thanks so much! I went home early. As usual I brought home works. I went malling but ended shopping. It's "SALE" @ SM. I bought 2 col-ber shorts @ 200 php each but the original price was actually 699.75 each. I made sure to go back home before the live airing of the reality show, Pilipinas Got Talent-the performance semi-final's night of the first batch. Jovit Baldivino amazed me again! I dunno what's in his voice, tumatayo balahibo as in sagad hanggang buto. For the first batch my rank votes are as follows:

*Baguio siblings-6th placer
*Rolando-5th placer
*The Xaviier niversity Cultural Dance Troup-4th placer
*Ruther-3rd placer
*The snapboyz-2nd placer
*Jovit Baldivino-1st placer

MMK's episode made me smile. I admired straight actors who portrayed gay role. I liked the performance of the lead role actor. I dunno his name but he portrayed the MMK's tonight letter sender, Samantha. I bet he will receive an acting award in the future for such a great performance in Maalaala Mo Kaya. Some terms in gay lingo reminds me of Dyanie who gave the definition of "waley". :-)

The PBB's teen clash of 2010 episode made me to stay late at night. The Teenternational bedspacers were introduced and entered inside the PBB house to add spice in the life of the teen housemates inside the PBB house.

There you have it all! There are more happenings await on the month of May. Not to mention the fiestas and Flores de Mayo. And I am so excited to the Oprah's guesting of Charice Pempengco together with Justin Bieber. And who will be the next Philippine president?


nuts said...

first off, congrats sa pagbabalik ng PR4! kahit late na ko.. hihi

jovit placed #1 in my vote too, the rest, i don't know.. :)
watched MMK too. was supposed to ask who played the role of samantha, di mo rin pala maalala.. charice? talaga..abangan ko yan.

princess_dyanie said...

nayabangan ako dun sa reaction ni jovit nung nakuha sya. parang super sure sya na makakapasok nga sya sa grand finals. ewan ko ba, basta nainis ako sa reaction nya.

MMK - si alwyn uytingco ba sinasabi mo? yung isa dun si Icy haha.

so kamusta naman ang chicken ni echo? waley ba?