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Apr 30, 2010


I am an active member of postcrossing. I've been a member for more than a year now or 569 days to be exact (i love the 69 number). I ranked 13th when it comes to the number of postcards sent from Philippines.

Here I wanna share to you my postcard collection:

I bought postcards in large volume especially when I found new postcards available in National Bookstore. A postcard cost from 3 php to 25 php. I bought much of postcards that cost 3 php. It's the cheapest but still beautiful! I admit before that I had a problem of organizing my postcard but after I bought and read the first issue of Sharon @ Home magazine, I got great ideas in organizing stuffs. And i applied it on my postcard hobby. So I organized it by categories. It is easier for me to find a particular postcard that the postcrosser wanted to receive. I don't need to scan my postcards anymore.

Using the old entertainment magazine pages as an envelope and label it accordingly.

I love writing. Here I show you how I write on the postcard. Writing with my left hand while holding the camera with my right hand to record is not that easy. I used the fountain pen Eds gave to me last Christmas and that art & craft magazine is given by KJ.

Drawing a bunch of red roses is my trademark :-)

I sent postcards in volume too to avoid time consuming. Going to the post office once a week or once in two weeks is wise than going every time you need to send a postcard or two. With that idea, you will receive bunch of postcards in return.

Here's my postcard collection

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