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Feb 12, 2010


I was inside BOOKSALE and busy looking for the newest books and magazines for sale. I have this attitude na I gather all the books I like then from my selection, I pick the best book I will buy. Sometimes I buy two to three books when I can't decide or if I have extra budget for that. There were three books na nasa kamay ko- the colorful quilts for kids and two Creating Keepsakes. While I can't still decide what book to choose, I interrupted by the three teenagers' conversation.

Teenager 1: "Yung sexy viva's comment to Melason, maarte sila. Kunsabagay siya hindi maarte dahil binukaka ang flower at nagkalat sa internet."

Teenager 2: "Sinabi mo pa. At 'yung direktor hindi raw competitive ang Melason. Kainin niya ang sinabi niya kapag i-direk niya ang dalawa after PBB season."

Teenager 3: "Mga girls, may isa pa. "yung ex PBB housemate na mukhang Donald Duck. Hay naku. No comment pero sobrang nakakairita!"

Napa-smile na lang ako kasi alam ko ang tinutukoy nila. I am a fan of PBB too since season 1.Alam ko na si Nene ang manalo. She was competitive. It was obvious that Kim will win in the first teen edition. Keana and Ruben won at naging totoo ang vibration ko. I supported Ejay because I wanted him to bet Robi. Kapag nagkamali ang hula ko at matalo ang bet ko this season, siguro malaking twist at maling akala ang lahat. For me, the PBB duoble up is the best of all PBB editions. There were surprising twists like the twins, the two houses, the guest foreign housemate, the double voting option to evict or to save. The longest season so far. The most exciting and addicting.

Back to my situation inside the book store, I returned the Colorful Quilts for Kids to its place. It cost 60 pesos only. I had to choose which is which of the two magazines I gonna bring home. Both were the same feature which is about scrapbooking ideas for summer only 72 pesos each. Yet, I have to choose only one. It's out of my budget for the day if I buy two books. Finally, I chose the one with a bonus feature. The one I find more helpful with some new tips. The one that attracted to me both the cover and the content.

In decision making, it is important to follow what you think is the best for you, what really your heart desires and the one that will make you happy. isang tulog na lang at PBB big night na. I love both Melisa and Jason- the Melason. But I have to choose only one to support to be a big winner. The one who inspired me more every night watching PBB. The one who made televiewers laugh and the one that i believe is deserving to be the PBB BIg Winner this season.

What if... no dream was too big. What if... you could be whatever your heart desired? I would like to share the message I read on the back cover of the magazine I bought (the one I chose in the bookstore).

"Our love will always be with both of you. Our hearts will always be yours. We will always be behind you, supporting and loving you both. No if's about that! We love you both whoever the big winner will be, Melason. (Char :-))

Till then, I have to continue voting by typing BBS (space) Melai and send it to 231. Lastly, the Big 5 are all winners na!


sheng said...

Thanks so much for supporting Melason, but apparaently as I am from where Melissa came from, I am not a huge fan but I support Melai! Ipagkalat ang Melason syndrome. Pero wag kang maniwala kay Melai nang sabihin niyang kamukha niya lahat ang mga babae sa Gensan, I'm prettier than she is. LOL

princess_dyanie said...

hula ko si melai ang big winner!

Reena said...

naku, ndi ko kasi nasusbaybayan ang show na ito. pero i think ung magkalove team ung mananalo. hehe. kasi sila lng kilala ko. lol.

happy vday! mwah!

the donG said...

hahaha... no need to vote red. she'll definitely win. in terms of popularity which is usually the basis here, it will definitely be melissa. i didnt watch this season that much but i know how it runs.

nuts said...

i'm watching pbb right now, 3 of big 5 nalang natira.. hehe.. 98% melason na nga.. :)

coolwaterworks said...

Well, your bet has won Red! Hehehe...

RJ said...

For me, tama at nararapat ang pagkasunud-sunod ng places ng Big 5 sa PBB Big Night! Kaya naman nasabi kong mahusay nang pumili ng iboboto ang mga Pinoy.

Sigurado akong ganito rin ang mga Pilipino pagdating sa botohan sa halalan. Wise voters na rin, kung wala lang anumang version ng 'Hello Garci' babangon paunti-unti ang ating bayan.