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Feb 16, 2010


Some of my blogfriends celebrated their birthdays already but I missed to greet on time. I feel so guilty. Pagsabaysabayin ko na. Belate happy birthday to Anton, Sheng, Claire and Jeanny. I want also to greet you all belated happy valentine's day and happy Chinese new year! I know it's too late. I am pretty sure you enjoyed your special day.

Do you still remember this sign I shared before?

don't scatter the carbon (tama ba ang English ko?)

After several months, it was still the same so the sign changed in reverse.
Please scatter the carbon papers.

According to Melissa- the PBB double up Big Winner, "Love is like a bubblegum." Love just come and go, my own version. So before it comes again, I prefer to go somewhere else during Valentine's day. I chose to celebrate the heart's day with my family in the last minute. It's the same day my elder twin brothers' birthday. I brought a cake not for both of them but for the grandchildren who enjoyed the celebration more. It was a beach party and we had fun!

I am happy to share that Panda is getting older. He knows how to make beautiful eyes :-) now. (Just kidding)

The busiest season in my life is just started. I hope I can still manage my time. See you around.


princess_dyanie said...

may kambal ka?

the donG said...

hahaha... kakatuwa ang beautiful eyes ni panda.

nuts said...

ay ang kyut ni panda, beautiful eyes nga, haha..
belated happy birthday to all Feb celebrants.. :)

RJ said...

So, kumusta na ang mga carbon sheets ngayon?! Hahah! U

Talagang sini-celebrate ang birthday ng blog guard, ah. Ayos!

Eds said...

ayos lang yan redlan. take your time. andito lang naman kami maghihintay sayo. *naks*

belated happy valentines day to you!

hahaha...natawa naman ako sa picture ni panda.

lucas said...

ang cute ni Panda! hehe! it's nice that you got to spend your v-day with your family...ako tumambay sa Ultra to watch some v'ball games...hehe!

p0kw4ng said...

late man ang bati ko eh maaga naman para sa next year.....Hapi Puso Day Red!!!

jeanny said...

ang cute ng panda...very nice eyes :)

happy weekend!

Reena said...

hahahah. ang cute ni panda!!!

飯糰夾蛋Karen said...
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