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Jan 22, 2010


I have most likely devoted myself to taking and recording the lives of others through photos. Baby and kids albums, baptisms and christenings, school moments and graduations, travel and wedding albums- so many special aspects of life are honored with equally special and distinctive albums. However, much less prevalent and equally important are photobook pages that celebrate what is to be the one behind the camera. It showcases special friendships and romantic relationships, to those commemorating the role of work, the fun of play and the love of families.

I got the idea when I was fixing my photo collection and the stocked photos that I still need to put in photo albums. The wedding album of my best friend caught my attention. It's nearly three years now and they will celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary soon. I still have the copied photo file CD of their wedding. I can upload the photos and it will be transformed into a premium photobook album. It will be my gift for the couple's 3rd wedding anniversary.

That's me! (the guy on the left)


Bagman and Butler said...

I'm sure they will love the album. And the wedding pictures are so full of life. I love the picture of the bride with the long train.

nuts said...

such a wonderful wedding!! wow, i love the second photo here.

.pOot! said...

I have been busy with my thesis these past few weeks that I failed to visit your blog every now and then. Btw, watch out for my new entry tomorrow. For sure, it will be a “love-me-or-hate-me” post. Want a clue? Ok… Noynoy

the donG said...

ika nga nila. bunggang bunga.