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Oct 31, 2009


It's Saturday! The last day of October! November, December.... Oh no! The year 2009 will end so soon.

I did not report to work today. I just fixed my things because I will go with my sister to visit my family in the province. It's been like ages the last time I went there.

I am looking forward for the month of November. Long weekend! Yahoo! And I can't wait to watch The New Moon. What else? There are lots of work to do at the same time. Forget about it!

I am thinking what's contribution this blog. It's like basura na. I am into photography, arts, postcrossing but this blog is like halo-halo na walang katuturan.

Anyways, I am still into collecting hankies spicifically Armando Caruso. My high school classmate and friend warned me not to continue. Baka luluha raw ako ng bongga-bongga. Ouch! I hate crying and once in a rainy summer lang yan mangyayari.

In collecting hankies, I noticed that some clothes I bought were the same color with the hankies I collected. It's accidental since I bought the hankies before the shirts. But I love that my hanky match with my shirt I wear for the day.

Lahat yan binili ko on sale. lol

Enjoy your long Halloween vacation everyone!


RJ said...

Hanga ako sa pagka-artistic mo, Red! Ako, naku, hindi nagbabagay ang panyo ko sa aking mga isinusuot na damit.

Barry said...

If they were brought separately they are stunning matches. Obviously you have a great eye for colour!

Allen said...

Pierre Cardin has some great colors too. try mo.:)

Nice. di din ako magaling magmix n match ng panyo sa damit. haha. anything goes with me.

Happy Halloween!

princess_dyanie said...

anu ka ba? anung walang katuturan? smile okay?! :)

kasama ba pati yung payong? noynoy, is that u? haha! :P

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

happy halloween R!

Fine Life Folk said...

The superstition I know about hankies is that receiving one as a present will eventually make the one who gave it to you responsible for your upcoming grief. Oh well, it's just superstition.

Blue Rose said...

hahaha. kakatuwa ka talaga friend. talagang match pa ang hankies mo sa mga polo mo ha. with matching umbrella pa. lol.

Nash said...

wow you're such an OC guy!

you're more "OC"-ier than me :P