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Oct 18, 2009


I am back from a one night vacation or let me say "dating" leave. So far so good. It's like the time I was addicted in Farm Town. All my attention was centered on that online farming game that I decided to create photo album of it. I am still working for it. I already completed the harvest/crop photos.


grape field

tomato field

corn field

strawberry field

wheat field

sunflower field

coffee field

raspberry field

potato and cabbage fields

cotton field



pumpkin field


pepper field

blueberry field

pineapple field

Now, lets have a picnic guys.

Happy Sunday to all!


witsandnuts said...

Wow! Ako naman, once a week na lang nagfafarming. Heehee.

nuts said...

hahaha... I knew it was you. so you're missing or somebody else is missing.. haha.. ^-^

wow! blooming fields.
btw, anjan pa ba grill ko? pwede ba ko magpasyal at mag-grill ako ngsteak, bbque, etc..

Fine Life Folk said...

If you only knew how my mom has forgone cooking at home in favor of harvesting online. Goodness! You know what I did? I advised her to ultimately grow a real vegetable garden in our front yard. I had her thinking about it at least.

Chef E said...

I am fascinated at how you do this pics from facebook, can you share? What a cute post...

~JarieLyn~ said...

Great photos of your farm. I kind of lost interest in farm town and I am strictly obsessed with farmville.

I hope your dating goes well and it progresses into something magical and eternal. but only if that's what you want.

sheng said...

hay naku, iniiwasang tanungin tungkol sa lovelife, kay hayun, farmtown pics and ishinare, hehehe... Okey, enjoy na lang the dating leave, i'm sure ther will be more... meron pa ba?

Nash said...

wow nice ang daming harvest :P cheers i'm more of a farmville actually :)

wait said...

we have real garden -- 2 plots : )
saw your profile --
ilonggo ?

p0kw4ng said...

sana kung totoong farm yan no...daming pera na nyan,hihihi

wowow inlab pa din...

Barry said...

I like your name all spelled out in the field. I've been told this game is so much fun it's is too addictive, so I've never played.