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Oct 17, 2009


I really love photography and started taking photos since grade school. Nature is always my subject because I am a nature-lover. Every time I go to other places, I have souvenir photos I bring home and I keep it as a photo collection. I used a film camera until the digital camera was born in 1996.

Digital cameras can do things film cameras cannot. There are some digital camera special features like it display images on a screen immediately after they are recorded, storing thousands of images on a single small memory device, recording video with sound, and deleting images to free storage space. They appeal particularly to users who want to send pictures over the Internet or to crop, combine, enhance, or otherwise modify their photographs. Once you have your digital camera, the fun isn't over. You can maximize your experience with digital camera accessories like memory, printers, software, carrying cases, lenses, flashes and cleaning supplies. Camera bag is one of the most important accessories for your digital camera. Its purpose is to protect the digital camera itself. Personally, I can't leave the house without my digital camera with me. I also make sure that I bring extra rechargeable digital camera batteries, extra memory card, and battery charger.


Doreen said...

I also like to bring my camera with me. I feel lost without it! you never know when the perfect shot will be right in front of you.

nuts said...

Oh,what a perfect timing. I'm actually looking for digital camera accessories. will check the link here..

~JarieLyn~ said...

I never leave home without my camera either. Unfortunately, I rarely carry it in my camera bag. I usually drive with the camera on my lap, but yesterday when my battery died I was wishing I had my camera bag in the car with an extra battery. I will from now on.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I can't forget my first digital Canon A70 back in 2003 - it was only 3 megapixels but a very novel gadget for me at the time. Now that I have a DSLR, I can't bring it with me all the time.

Lawstude said...

shoot lang ng shoot red. ikaw pa, meron ka ngang eye for details eh.