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Sep 10, 2009


Another busy day for me and maybe the entire old human race. In the morning, I had to run from one place to another. I wish I can jump, jump and jump. And this afternoon, I feel so tired that I can't concentrate working. I was just yawning and typing it made me yawn again and again. I amused myself in farming. I planted raspberry and grapes and harvested my fields after 2 and 4 hours respectively. Oh I forget to mention that I took some photos of my farm before I harvested the fields. It is for the farm town photo exhibit. I hope I'll win the grand prize. Afterall, I am just kidding for that photo exhibit but I actually took photos of my farm from time to time. I would love to show it to my grandchildren in the future telling my funny experience in virtual farming.

I know, you don't like me to mention farm town and you will get tired of seeing photos of my farm so I took photos of my office specifically the tables including mine. Can you guess where's my table then?

The owner of this table is artistic and using hair curler as you can see.

Look, it's so neat and clean. The owner is playing online game during lunch break and before work off. This is the second table of the owner that's why it is so neat.

The owner of this table is so naughty and moody sometimes. He loves farming.

I have to admit it, I just noticed this table only after I took this photo. I don't want to say anything about it but that's the reality. Is the owner busy all the time. Maybe in farming too. LoL.

Obviously the table cover is new. The owner wants to have a beautiful baby soon. The owner is into farming too.

The owner of this table is smart and so organized. The table is fixed and neat now.

The owner of this table is always out...thoughtful though. The table is surrounded of religious items.

The owner of this table is a loyal person whose favorite color is violet.

The owner of this table is called San Pedra and Chief to some office mates.

The owner of this table is hardworking and an organized person too.

The owner of this table is newly hired. (Hindi pa natutubuan ng sungay)

This table is always in mess. The owner love to fix and scatter the things always. One of the farmers in the office.

The owner of this table is always late and have to be waited.

This table missed the owner early in the morning but a mother model.

The owner of this table is somewhat strict but actually funny to be with.

This is our computer area. I am using that computer facing back. That particularly old monitor. That's my hidden place of farming. Psst....


.pOot! said...

weeeh. base ba ako?

hula ko table 2. hmmp.

nice blog you have here.

Dennis Villegas said...

Heheh nice collection of tables...actually parang mabait yung may-ari ng table 15, at least binigyan ng permisong gumamit ng kompyuter yung iba..basta wag magkalat ;)

nuts said...

table 15! gotcha!
haha.. bakit naman kelangan pa i-hide. di ba your office is into farming business? LOL.

p0kw4ng said...

ahahaha akala ko nangongolekta ka ng table!

kakatuwa ang daming table na may mama mary!

Blue Rose said...

hahaha. grabe! exhibit ng tables to ah. pero napansin ko lang mukhang religious ang mga tao jan.

Random Student said...

my table is a replica of #11. pero matagal na ko sa min at wala naman akong sungay hehe