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Sep 8, 2009


It's been a manic week since last week. Yesterday was a non-working holiday yet I went to the office. But I read a BE GOOD TO YOURSELF THERAPY. It says, "WHEN YOU HAVE WORK TO DO AND DON'T WANT TO DO IT, DECIDE WHAT REALLY NEEDS TO BE DONE AND WHAT CAN WAIT." So I came up into a decision to do farming because my crops are needed to be harvested before they gone to waste. Office work can wait. (LoL)

Aside from farming, blogging is my consolation too. Thanks to World Wide Web. Even I just sat the whole day last Sunday, I was being served of online meals. I had CHAMPORADO for breakfast. I had a yummy Sunday lunch and Dory & Panini for dinner.. snack rather. The night would not end without Tequila, Salsa, and a staff of Hams with Sasha under the moon.

I can say virtual life is easier and faster. In just a click I found myself in Imugan River down to the Tondol Beach. (Ano pa ba ang dulo ng ilog, syempre dagat.)

Reading personal post is what I love most. There's a love story needs to be finished. I hope I gave justice. And an inspiring birthday post of a mother for her beloved son. It was written in a funny way but I can feel the love and sincerity.

My week was ended with a big LOL. Pareng Erap and of course the national artist made my weekend happy and green. I laughed about the the jar and the hard "NUH". It reminded me of "pulling hir"? Head and Shoulders!

Muntik na akong magka-heart attack to read about BLOG ATTACK. But there's a perfect guy to be attacked today. Be ready for the NOBODY's dance steps and let's sing NOBODY BUT YOU tsk tsk (sound effects) err HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAWSTUDE! Let's have a PARTY!

(This post is in connection with my blog friends' own post. Those particular people who left comments (not once but twice or more) on my posts for a week. You inspired me to continue blogging. You are he one who inspired me to come up with this idea and it's my simple way to thank you in return.)

'Till next week guys!


Blue Rose said...

galing ng koneksyon ng bawat post redlan. kakaiba ka talaga!

happy tuesday to you!

Reena said...

haha. galing ah. napagsama-sama mo mga blogs in one post. :0

tama ka. ganyan dina ko. farming muna before work. lol

nuts said...

galing! taas ang kamay ko sa 'yo!
thanks to you too.. kung san ka masaya, suportahan ta ka. teka nagfa-farm ka pa ba?

happy birthday to lawstude!

sheng said...

aba, nafeature pa ang post ko, hahaha... Nice red, very cool, ako din, ang una kong ginagawa is visit my farm, before the checking of emails...plurk, then post.

Lawstude said...

Thank You. Thank You.

You just made my day even greater. Hope to see you soon in Ilo-ilo. :)

~JarieLyn~ said...

ah, what a nice way to say thank you. I was surprised to see a link to my post in there. That was really nice.

I am still so amazed by your farming. That is the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

Have a great day and don't work too hard.

Thank you for stopping by and much appreciation for mentioning me in your blog.

Jeanny said...

your so clever. ;)

Love this post Red and thanks for including me. Labyu friend.

princess_dyanie said...

haha! tama nga naman, unahin ang FT bago ang trabaho haha!

aaawww! so sweet red! :)

witsandnuts said...

Whoa, you're a genius! Ang ganda ng pagkakonek. =)

REDLAN said...

BlueRose: Thanks. Ganyan kapag inspired ako kahit wrong grammar. lol

Reena: Oo nga. Pero sa farm town joke lang yun.

Nuts: Saludo rin ako sau. I do farming still pero hindi na gaya ng dati.

Sheng: Inspiring yung post mo. Joke lang rin yang farming first sa atin.

Lawstude. Aws. Happy Birthday ulit!

Jarielyn: It's my pleasure. You are following my blog and always leave comments. It's an honor for me. Thanks again. Farm Town is so addicting but I have a lot of great experience in playing it. So much that I laugh every time I remember them.

Jeanny: Sipag mo rin magcomment. I have to value that.

Princess Dyanie: Hindi kaya. Joke lang yun. lol

Witsandnuts: Thanks. Kahit wrong grammer tinudo ko na.

Thanks guys! I love doing this again. See you next week! Teka kelangan ko muna magbloghopping. See you in your blogs.

Allen Yuarata said...

Nyahaha. it really did made my day, your ending to the story.

bigla mo ko ginutom sa Champorado. makapaghanap nga. (teka, naalala ko, 2:32AM na pala). haha.

Happy birthday Lawstude! (teka, maling blog ata. lipat ako sa kabila. haha)



That farm you're saying... is that a real farm or a virtual one?

REDLAN said...

Allen: Na-inspire lang sa star cinema movies. I cant wait to watch in my life kasi kaya anon na lang naisipan ko.

KJ: The virtual farm of course. Kakaadik.