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Jul 30, 2009


Last week's theme was Reflection assigned by Audrey of Canada. I took time to see all the participants' photos of reflection and as I've expected I amazed and liked them all. I picked the best photo of each participants. And I would like to reflect it here. With the first photo of mirror's reflection, you can see the different photos of reflection. Of course this first photo is belong to Audrey as photo host last week. I wondered who's that guy in the mirror.

I love this beautiful town reflection of Maryland. Of course patty who is the organizer together with Reggie Girl of this photo shoot out, shared this beautiful photo.

I really love the sunset and I am so lucky to see the sunset in Florida through this photo sharing. I always admired Gordon for this and I always excited to read the story behind every photo he is sharing.

When there's North America, there's South America. I love Brazil through the photo of GingerV. Gracias GingerV!

I love this reflection photo of Kate of Kansas. Needless to say that I am a nature-lover.

Another inspired reflection photo shared by Jessica of Virginia.

The reflection on the raindrops really amazed me. Thanks to Rebecca of Pennsylvania for sharing this beautiful photo.

Jude from Greece brought the reflection of water in Friday-My Town Shoot Out.

Another reflection of a beautiful landscape shared by Jamie of Ohio.

Girlichef of Indiana shared this colorful reflection photo.

A peaceful place I love to reflect. One of Noenoe Girl's reflection photos.

How romantic this photo is. The Groom and Bride on the beach and their reflection on the water shared of Kathy from California.

At first glance, I thought it's a duck. But it's Lindsay, Barry's (of Canada) beautiful and lovable dog.

The next three photos of reflection were shared by Zaroga of Georgia,

Jarielyn of Nevada,

and Shabby Girl of USA too. I loved to paint these kind of photos.

This reflection of lights photo was shared by Ellisa of Michigan.

And another one was shared by Kathryn of North Carolina.

A couple of beautiful reflected photos were shared by Kerri of Canada

And Denise of Maine.

Kerry of Oregon shared this photo reflection of bikes.

Robyn's reflection in the motorbike

And a reflection of the car in the other car shared by Jules of Missouri.

Reflection in the mirror at night shared by Melissa of Georgia.

Sciencegirl of France played herself with this cute pink rabbit reflected in the mirror.

I find this photo so cute especially the kitten. Thanks to Martha of Florida!

This is Jen of USA, the beautiful lady behind the beautiful photos. Her beautiful reflection in the mirror.

And the last but not the least, the reflection photo chosen the photo of the week shared by Ann of New Zealand.

Thanks guys for always inspiring me to join the photo shoot out every Friday. Tomorrow is another day.

You can see more of the participant's photos by clicking their names. And I would like to encourage others to join this "My Town Shout Out" every Friday. It's fun!


Town Blogger Team said...

Redlan, that was very well done. You are a great Shoot-out member. Thanks for taking your valuable time to create the tour.

lucas said...

i liked the last two photos! Ang cute nung bata... hehehe!

Lawstude said...

amazing set of pics. nakaka-inspire tuloy mag shoot.

Anonymous said...

intra man ko guro ay.. hehehe!

nuts said...

galing ng mga shots.. yung dog akala ko talaga duck nga..

Lantaw said...

the internet is a great way to travel without leaving your seat :). as long as there are folks sharing their photos, we can always be anywhere :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Very well done!

Barry said...

What a wonderful celebration of our Friday shootout gang!

The way Lindsay takes to water, sometimes I'm not sure she isn't a duck.

witsandnuts said...

A nice set of pictures! Looking at Jen's photo, I remember my reflection entry for the photo hunt. I also took a picture of myself, without really showing my face heehee.

But on a serene side, I'd probably have thought of this one instead of that:

Happy weekend, Red!

the donG said...

i was expecting a ghost reflection on one of the photos. hehehe...

nice compilation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Redlan, this was well done! You gave a beautiful tour of the Friday Shoot Out Gang...I am honored to be here.

You have an excellent eye - you picked some stunning photos.


The Nomadic Pinoy said...

This is a great set. It does bring your readers on a "reflective" mood - there are many ways to see the world around us and oftentimes, we need another pair of eyes (and camera) for us to do it.

girlichef said...

Wow...I can't believe you put all of these together!! Gorgeous :D

AJ said...

txs for sharing to us ur Friday group. and for inspiring the newbie among of us to try our hands on shooting...particularly on reflection shooting.