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Jul 28, 2009


Actor Jericho Rosales and Ryan Manalo have been buddies since they were toddlers. They used to be teks, holen & goma playmates. As youngters, they were even roommates. They have been separated only a few times in their lives; like when Jericho's grandma took him to the province.

Their teenage years were a lof of fun. Although Ryan is two years older than Jericho, they treat themselves equal level. Ryan was 16 and Jing (Jericho's nickname) was 14 when they worked as "mag-iisda" in Concepcion, Marikina market. Jericho shared the thrill of the experience. He bragged being a pro at selling fish. Ryan's grandmother was the stall owner and that's how they got the part-time work.

At their young age, fish vending was an adventure, an escapade. It must be this sense of shared adventure that has made Jericho & Ryan as cookign buddies. SInce they have to eat together, they had to learn to cook together. Just expected, they developed their own recipes.



*6 to 10 pieces of sugpo
*1 can coconut milk, pure
*2 cloves of garlic
*10 slices of ginger cut into julienne strips
*half can of mushroom or pieces of young corn
*red green pepper cut into slices
*asparagus and arorot tubes

Saute garlic, ginger and red pepper in a small amount of vegetable oil. Once the garlic turns brownish, add the mushrooms or young corn. Pour the coconut milk and allow it to boil. Put a small amount of sili according to how hot you'd like the dish to be. Add the sugpo, asparagus and arorot. Sprinkle a pinch of salt, simmer it for 20 minutes, then serve.

Thanks to Len Llanes and StarStudio mag.

I am looking forward to watch Jericho and Kristine Hermosa on T.V. for their upcoming comeback teleserye, "DAHIL MAY ISANG IKAW".


attyjurita said...

wow naman celeb recepi` sosyal....nakakagutom to red!!!

Christian Bryan said...

sarap sarap naman ng sugpo, lalo na pag gata! ehehehe

lam na alam mo Kuya Red ang buhay ni Echo! lol

lucas said...

sugpo? bawal yata sakin yan ngayon. may allergy na naman ako eh. hays...

it's cool to know na may humbling moments din sila...

AJ said...

hi red..

nice trivia on echo en cook buds..yeah, nabalitaan ko nga na he' used to work there in concepcion market after they came from bicol, and hes also very good na sumabit sa jeep, im from there, too.

i'll try the recipe. sarap yata ng gata. regards,

ifoundme said...

ano ba yan, gwaps! i think 2 blogs i bloghopped before you posted entries about food. ginggutom ko ah.

JoiceyTwentyPTRP said...

wow astig naman neto :) ang alam ko magaling talaga magluto si jericho eh, kase diba before fish vendor sila ng mama nya. kumusta na kuya red?