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Jun 5, 2009


Some people around me told me that I am weird because I take photos out of things without people as a subject. I take photos of things both tangibles and intangibles. I always capture every moment and every thing as a remembrance that is.

I even get up early to catch the summer sunrise. I love watching the sun as it slowly rise.
It gives an unexplainable feeling inside.
It is great to start the day when you catch the beautiful sunrise.


I love to watch the sunset more.
I run in an open field or going on the seashore in order to catch the sunset.
I bring some foods to eat while watching it.

Meet my sister's dog.
His name is Panda.
I play with him.
It's hard to photograph him for the fact that pets are naughty.
He is running and biting all day until he gets tired.

I don't know what kind of creature is this but it's an insect.
It caught my attention because it dig the soil out to make a hole for shelter I guess.


I was amazed to watch this spider making the web for its own protection.
When its done, the spider went to sleep.

This random of shots is in connection for Friday- My town shoot out.


Mari said...

Great photos, Redlan, especially the sunset and sunrise.

A dog named Panda? LOL Do you have a panda named Dog? Joke.

lucas said...

ang kulit naman ng name nung aso--PANDA! great shots, red! :D

Sarah Lulu said...

Lovely to see you as a part of the Friday Shoot out ...I also love sunrises and sunsets.

nuts said...

a Panda? but its obviously a
dapat ma-meet niya si magic, buddy sila.

Wow, ganda ng mga shots mo..

yung insect, noh un? di naman ung putakti di ba?

sheng said...

ang galing ng shots mo red, are you using a dslr?

Doreen said...

great random shots. love the sunrise and sunsets. beautiful. that is an weird bug that digs a hole! beautiful dog. welcome to the gang! I will have to add you to my list.

Missy said...

I love your shots on the sunrise and the sunsets, nice capture. The spider web is awesome too :-)

Mac Callister said...

ang ganda ng sunrise at sunset that they leave this orange color in the sky lovely!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - those sunrise shots are spectacular! I liked the sunset too, but the sky around the sunrise was perfectly captured.

Your sister's dog looks like a total sweetie!

Great random shots, all. :)

GingerV said...

oh yes in the best sense of the word random you have given us a random blog. the spider web is amazing.

Antoine Greg said...

im interested with spiderZ! ^ ^
nice shots Rediie! ^ ^

Patty said...

Sunrise, sunset: awesome!

What cute photos of your dog!

Like the spider shot. Nice light you picked up there.

Thanks for joining in again.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs from Maryland.

RJ said...

Maganda yung mga photos ng sunrise at sunset. U

Anonymous said...

Am a sucker of sunrise and sunsets. Ganda ng kuha mo. Pwedeng pwede ka rin pala sa photography. Da best kuha mo sa spider web. Maraming alaga nyan ang kapatid ko. Kaya lang takot ako sa spiders. Kakatakot lalo na yung malalaki! Grrrrr.

Anonymous said...

And speaking about dog, haha! pahabol. I love dogs too. Kaya lang yung akin teddy dog lang. 4 years nang kayakap ko sa pagtulog. Nag-iisa kong pet toy. Hahaha.

bebskie said...

red yan na ba ang kuha u sa port?inabangan mo talaga ha.. nice bro..i miss my hometown tuloy!God bless


HEY RED! Those sun photos are cool!

gin subu-an ako, pero cool! LOL!

TheMovieGoer said...

haha. the water looks sooo calm. It makes want to sleep.

Zaroga said...

Great sunrise and sunset photos. Have you tried a moonrise or moonset... those are much harder to catch and I think to photograph.

The spider web is great.

Panda is cute... with that pink nose :-)

Mrs T said...

great shots Red.

Gordon said...

I'm sorry to arrive here so late. The week has been hectic! The post is great!
I believe your ground wasp is a cricket hunter wasp. Also, called blue digger wasp.
They capture crickets and feed to their hatching young in the ground nest.
Thanks again for the post. Glad to have you aboard.

Owl Eng said...

Again, I must say I love all of your pics here. Everything is beautiful thru your lens! you're definitely good at capturing things that are intangible!