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Jun 6, 2009


(This post is dedicated to Bebskie . Hope it will not make you miss home more.)

Fort San Pedro is the place where I runaway to especially during the late afternoon summer. It's actually the perfect place here in Iloilo City to watch the sunset.

This set of shots was the last sunset I've watched this summer of 2009. I was running out of time just to catch it. Unfortunately, the sun did not show up the perfect I expected.

It was covered by white clouds and only its rays I saw while biting a piece of pizza.
I still took some shots...more and more shots...

until it finally bid goodbye to me and goodbye for summer days.
I turned my attention to the opposite side and I saw its reflection in the mountain of Guimaras Island.
Because of the romantic view I did not realized that the cup of soda I handed on my left hand was already empty.
I brought home the empty plastic bag and the feeling of emptiness. I realized I was all alone.
Yet I am still happy.


nuts said...

I LOVE this post.
I love the photographs.
I love the story.
I can see whats beyond the sunset
a deeper story, untold.
Goodbye summer.
Hello rainy days!
Happy weekend..
Goodnight.. :)

Bren said...

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Love the sky, love the clouds, love your writings.

Nice one Red!

Im glad your happy.

lucas said...

ang gandaaaaaaa! i just love sunrises and sunsets! of course you already know that. ahehehe!

it's a poem actually. i'm no songwriter. i can write the lyrics pero hindi ako marunong maglapat ng melody..ahehe! ay ganun ba? (whisper) :P

RJ said...

Maghanap na kasi ng makakasama...

Empty yet happy! Good, Red! U

the donG said...

you should have invited someone there with you.

i like the fourth photo.

sheng said...

i like the third photo where the sun is partly hidden by the clouds...nice post red....

GingerV said...

often the sunset is just as beautiful on the other side, at our backs. nice post and the photos excellent.

Blue Rose said...

nice post redlan. i love all your photos. pero sana next time mag-aya ka na ng makakasama para mas masaya. hehehe

Anonymous said...

So sweet of you Red. I hope Bebskie will see this. For sure she'll be happy.

I like nuts commenet here. No rhyme, only poetry. :-)

Lawstude said...

sayang, di nagpakita ang araw pero ok lang yun kasi maganda rin naman naging effect ng clouds eh. nice shots.

bebskie said...

red thank you very much.. its remind me something about this place.. i had a memorable moments at guimaras w/ my hubby.. really like this place especially during afternun.. it remind me also sa mga buhay buhay sa paligid sa study hard more.. i own u bro.. Godbless

claire said...

ahhh.. sunset... the beauty of it.. i love sunset!!!