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Jun 14, 2009


I stopped buying showbiz magazine a couple of years ago. But this issue of StarStudio made me buy it. Can you guess why? It's not for myself but for my personal friend. And it's not for Mar Roxas or Korina Sanchez but for late Rico Yan. He is her idol forever! So I gave her craving. May be she's pregrant. (Lol)

After Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo surprised the whole Philippines and the Filipinos around the world, nagulat rin ako sa self ko that I bought 2 magazines that particularly featured their dream come true wedding plus the special issue that featured Judy Ann's 30 years of existence.

They said:

"She never made me feel like she was a better person than I am outside of my family- my mom and sisters. I can say Judy Ann is the woman I love most."- Dante Nico Garcia

"They're a fun couple , so this whole thing was like a game to them. It was the most fun wedding I've ever attendede."- Direk Rory Quintos

"I told them, 'Let God be the seventh jar in your marriage.'"- Father Tito Caluag, SJ

"The vows were exchanged amid gigles from Judai & Ryan. They were just really savoring and enjoying their moment."- Biboy Arboleda

"Everything had their signature on it. They really wanted their wedding to be their way. Kudos to them for pulling it off."- Suzi Ebtrata-Abrera

"For Ryan, it was a start of a new and long-lasting life with the woman he loves."- Mosang

Almost everyone agreed that the Judai-Ryan wedding was one of the most beautiful, honest and touching nuptials they had ever attended.

After marriage, their life will continue on their new sitcom, GEORGE & CECIL. Its pilot episode will be aired later tonight @ 9:30 pm after Sharon of course only on ABS-CBN.

P.S. I would like to acknowledge StarStudio for the messages.


nuts said...

oh yes, i'm the first commenter! for us,(nen and you) it's a big deal. haha. so let me post this first.

nuts said...

ahhmm, kaya pala nagsign-off kana agad, pilot episode pala ng George and Cecil. namis ko un.. :( kasi naman, i need to turn off the tv ng maaga at bukas ay pasukan na.

agree din ako that Judai-Ryan wedding was the most beautiful and touching nuptials base sa nakita ko on tv, makikita mo sa glow ng mata nila. very light, gigles. no drama as we used to see judai on teleserye. :))

Mrs T said...

i watched their wedding videos (part 1 and 2) and i agree, it was the most beautiful wedding i ever saw - very unique, down-to-earth yet elegant. Alam mo naman Red, labs ko si Juday!

NenNen said...

I was never a fan of Judy Ann Santos but when I saw her wedding nakita ko na super okay pala siya. I like their wedding. Gusto ko ganun din akin. Simple but elegant. Gusto ko Tarzan and Jane motiff para masaya. Tapos sa gubat ihiheld haha! Joke.


PR manager sang abscbn ka gd ya red.

bebskie said...

my wedding is not perfect. sabi nga nila walang perfect daw na wedding.. how i wish na judai and ryan forever na yon marriage life nila kasi sayang ang mga vow nila sa isat isa..hehehehe