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Jun 13, 2009


Dear Boss:

It's Saturday and it's officially our day! It's the day you clean and pampers us. You make us feel how important we are in your life and are an essential part of almost everything you do- like walking, running, exercising, or just standing. You keep us moisturized that can keep the skin soft, moist, and healthy. Indeed, you give us the best possible attention! Thank you!

Though this morning we just wondered. You let us take a pose with this tag. Are you gonna sell us? How come? Without knowing, we will be your blog guest today.

After the photo shoot, we were ready to go to work. Not to mention that you
were late again. But we are so happy you really care.

We want to thank you for letting us meet other happy feet too. We hope that you won't get tired of cleaning and taking care of us for many years to come. We hope that you still gonna wear the right shoes and avoid shoes with no heels but don't ever wear high heels. Since you are getting old, we have to remind you to regularly massage us and apply moisturizer liberally except for between the toes, which should not be left wet. Please cut our toenails properly. Cut them straight across with the end of the toes if possible to avoid ingrown toenails. If the ingrown toenails develops, see a podiatrist for treatment. Remember, you are not a doctor so do not try to be one. Take care of calluses. If you don't want to do the work of removing calluses yourself anymore, get a pedicure! Make sure you don't stand or sit too long. Doing either for extended periods of time can contribute to poor circulation in us. Please remove your shoes when you're inside your home. But go barefoot only when it's safe. But please wear your shoes outdoors to protect us in danger of stepping on sharp stones or other objects that might bruise or cut us. And last but not the least, stretch before exercising.

Please remember us with these idioms:
  • at one's feet
  • be on one's feet
  • both feet on the ground
  • cold feet
  • feet of clay
  • get to one's feet
  • get under someone's feet
  • keep one's feet
  • put one's feet up
  • stand on one's own two feet
Lastly, we would like to thank Cuticle remover, Benzalkonium Chloride, Cuticle nipper, nail pusher, and nail cutter for our grooming.

Very truly yours,


Trivia: I used to do my own pedicure every Saturday. I don't do that to others' only to my feet.


NenNen said...

Wahu! Nice! Haha. Happiness ako una first commenter. I also clean my nails. Bihira akong magpaparlor. Haha. Happy feet!

nuts said...

wow! sabi nga nila, your feet reflects your personality. malinis, maayos, well pampered. nakakarelax ng pakiramdam. your feet must be very thankful for having a very pampering boss. how lucky.

did you know the exact words your feet says back to you?

"we're really proud of ourselves right now. we hope we can hug you back with ourselves(feet) on the ground. could you imagine that?" huh!

Happy Happy Feet!

Mac Callister said...

hahaha a tribute to one's feeet!i always have my nails cleaned,every two weeks kakahiya kasi pag madumi kuko lagi pa naman ako naka tsinelas hehe

Allen Yuarata said...

Naisip ko bigla, ang dumi pala ng kuko ko. Nyahahaha!

Happy day happy feet!

REDLAN said...

@Nennen: Pedicure kita minsan. joke.

@Nuts: Kala ko ibang reflection yun. hehehe. Very well said nuts. Thanks thanks.

Mac: Ako mahilig rin mag-tsinelas. Komportbale kasi.

Allen: Natawa naman ako. Sa akin rin madumi kaya dapat nililinis twice a week.


LOL! Hey sexy toes.... LOL!

Ako man may feet... Feet- toy.

I meant toys ko ang feet ko...

REDLAN said...

Lmao @ Kj! Iya na ya sang bata. grabe imagination mo di ko mareach!