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May 14, 2009


I admit, I am not fond of buying newspaper everyday. But this morning when I was inside the bank waiting my office mate, I happened to stumble the Philippine Daily Inquirer. For some reasons, I convinced to buy a copy of today's PDI issue.

Here's the reasons:

1. Its cover photo attracted me. It's the sunset in Indonesia.

2. I saw Sen. Manny Villar kissing Sen. Pia Cayetano! He actually bussed the latter.

3. I am interested to know more about Pahiyas Festival.

4. I am curious to know about BIR's admission that they missed April collection target. Hmmmm....

5. I want to see and read about Manny Pacqiao's home in LA.

6. Iloilo is featured entitled "Iloilo's prized fish and specialties. Thanks Ms. Micky Fenix!

7. I want to read David Cook's interview. The two American Idols 2008, David Cook and David Archuleta will have a concert here in the Philippines this coming Saturday at Mall of Asia.

I haven't read it yet. I am still busy watching Kapamilya's teleseryes :-P


RJ said...

Akala ko may article ka sa Youngblood, Red. Pero based sa mga na-enumerate mo, ang dami ngang interesting na mga kwento sa PDI ngayon, ah!

Kumusta na ang Tayong Dalawa? 3 consecutive nights na naman ang na-miss ko.

Patty said...

You have another reason to buy newspapers: Where would the world be without newspapers? Newspapers have informed us, enraged us, and made us laugh ever since someone first figured out how to print text in ink.

Now newspapers are struggling to stay alive because of the Internet and cable news. It is true, you can get news anywhere these days, but you will always find something in your local newspaper you won't find anywhere else.

So support your daily newspaper. They have always been there for you, and everyone in your family before you.

Of course, I am a little biased, but I have seen so many friends loose their jobs as newspapers struggle to stay alive in a bad economy. Plus, if my grandfather and grandmother were alive, they would knock me upside the head for not reading the daily paper.

Reena said...

hehe. kakatuwa naman. i read the philippine star.

pahiyas!! bukas na yun! you should experience it. masaya sya. madami nga lang tao, but it's very colorful. everyone's nice and friendly.

Patty said...

Good to know. Hope to join us in our Friday shoot out this week.

claire said...

hmm.. those articles makes me want to grab a copy of PDI.. but i guess, i'm too late! it;s monday already! have to check back-copies on the web...