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May 15, 2009


This is my first time to join the photo shoot: Friday-My Town Shoot Out. Actually, I was invited by HalfCrazyGurl before but I was kinda busy at work. If you want to join too just check the rules. Patty welcomed me very much! And I am glad to participate in this weekly task. I find it great and fun.

This week's theme is means of transportation in town assigned by Science Girl of France.

A postcard of Philippine jeepney(the front view).

When American troops began to leave the Philippines at the end of World War II, hundreds of surplus jeeps were sold or given to local Filipinos. The Filipinos stripped down the jeeps tp accommodate several passengers, added metal roofs for shade, and decorated the vehicles with vibrant colors and bright chrome hood ornaments.

My friend took a photo of our companion while the latter did the same to us (back view).

Since then, jeepneys are the most means of public transportation in the Philippines. I used to ride on the jeepney from home to the office and vice versa almost everyday. They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II. They have become a symbol of Philippine culture. The jeepney fare is 7 pesos for the first 4 kilometers or .15 USD.

Here's the latter's shot of us.

Another means of transportation here in my country is the tricycle. It is a vehicle that have three wheels or a motorcycle with a customized sidecar. Tricycles are often used by commuters to travel from place to place in short distances.

I sitted on the rooftop of the tricycle on our way to holy mountain in Guimaras. The capacity of the tricycle is only 7 passengers including the driver.

I volunteered to sit on the rooftop because I know my friends are not used to it. That's another tricycle ahead of us.

Pumpboat on the otherhand, are popular in coastal towns of the Philippines as a mode of inter-isalnd transportation. That's the means of transportation from my city to the neighbor island- Guimaras.

Thanks to Patty!


RJ said...

Sana may picture din ng mga kinain niyo, Red. Marami bang seafoods?

the donG said...

ive been longing to feature the philippine jeepney but cant finalize it yet hanggang sa nalimutan ko na lang.

nice to see you again on your posts. saya ah!

REDLAN said...

RJ: Kapag malayo at out of town, hindi ako tudo tsibog. Nakaranas kasi ako ng sakit tyan nun. Hindi ko makakalimutan yun dahil sa bawat suntok ni Paquiao, (november fight niya yun.), ako pabalik balik sa cr.

DONG: Mga old files yan. Tamang timing dahil yun ang tema sa My Town SHoot Out.

dodong flores said...

Nice photos here especially those tricycle and pumpboat photos. Na-miss ko ang Guimaras. I want to revisit Balaang Bukid one of these days...

Dennis Villegas said...

Hey red, you just beat my suicidal Jeepney ride by riding on the top of the tricycle! hehehe.

I went to Balaan Bukid on Holy Thursday but couldn't complete the stations, because I underestimated the height and brought a huge backpack!

Reena said...

i only like jeepneys inside UP kasi for some reason they're disciplined. as in!! they stop at proper stops. hahaha.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

fun, fun, fun!!!

miss ko nang sumakay ng jeep! :)


Hey! Delikado na bala ang mag posing, I mean mag punko sa ibabaw sang tricycle!

Mahulog ka gani ah!

lucas said...

hindi ko pa nasususbukang sumakay sa bubong ng trike! hehehe! looks really fun though :)

malapit na 2 years celebration mo. cheers!

senxa naman..hehehe! ewan ko ba kung bakit yun ang pumasok sa isip ko. i would change it if i could...hehe!

coolwaterworks said...

Nice adventure you have here Red... By the way, just saw MMK a few hours ago... The sender is from Guimaras and they shot the scenes mostly from there...

jeanny said...

Nakasakay ka na ng jeep byaheng commonwelath ave., hay ako lagi, kaya lagi akong nenenerbyos. Mga kaskasero karamihan ng mga driver sa lugar namin kainis!!!!

Patty said...

I love those jeepneys. I rode on one a few times. What fun.

Love the photos from the top. Also like the last group photo.

Beautiful photos of the punpboat.

I am loving you style. Happy to have another shooter from your part of the world. Everyone missed the views from over there each week.

Welcome to our Friday shoot outs.

Kim said...

Wonderful shots! Welcome to Friday Shootout! It's a whole lot of fun.

hensly said...

Nice... I miss riding in the Jeepneys and Tricycles. Great photos!