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May 1, 2009


"Eto na 'to. Inuman na!" (This is it. Let's party!) It's the first two lines in the wedding invitation of Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos. They finally tied the knot on April 28, 2009 at San Juan Nepomuceno Church in San Juan, Batangas.

On my part, I can say this is it! Finally, the longest period of Annual Income Tax has just ended in my life. So let's celebrate! Ha-ha. The photo above is my favorite ulam or my favorite fish to eat. I don't know what's the English or Tagalog name but in our vernacular it is called "aloy". I like it very much that I will never exchange it to pork, chicken, meat menus.


triZzZ said...

hi kuya red!

wow, i missed reading your posts! and i missed you too!

finally kinasal na sila. hahaha.

kagutom yung fish ah. it looks like galunggong, pero parang hindi. hahaha!



Allen Yuarata said...

Homaygad! Galunggong! Naglaway ako bigla! haha!

coolwaterworks said...

Hmmm, @ Allen, fyi, galunggong is "marot" in Hiligaynon...

Red, "aloy" belongs to the tuna family. There is no exact English translation as we Filipinos call these small members of the Scombridae tuna family by its local generic name. When its large, we usually call it "tulingan." In Tagalog, both sizes are classified as "tulingan". :)

It turns out that "aloy" is the generic name for two small tuna species abundant in our Philippine waters: bullet tuna and frigate tuna.

Hope this helps... :)
And enjoy the aloy! Nami na siya pinamalhan dason butangan gata... Yummy!

Mrs T said...

Red, thst is my favorite ulam, that is what i i miss most! Happy Sunday!

nuts said...

Tulingan ba toh? sinaing na tulingan nga! famous to sa mga batagueno.. i love it!!!!!!!!!!