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Apr 2, 2009


Mari and I just met online through postcrossing. She is actually one of the postcrossers or postcard senders. She caught my attention when I read some of the Tagalog lines on her message for me at the back of the postcard. I though she is a Filipino but she is originally from Finland living with her little daughter. I sent a thank you handmade postcard for her. Not to mention that the message made me smile plus her effort. After two weeks or more, I surprised to receive a special package from her. Now, I can pin the needle on the pin holder and not on my shirt when I'm doing some sewing arts. I love sewing on paper. What made me smile with the package she sent is the drawing of her little kid. I do appreciate little things with special effort. it would be remembered forever because I will put it on my scrap photo album.

Salamat Mari!


RJ said...

Wow! Isang balutan galing Finland?! Nakakatuwa siguro. Sa 'kin nalang ang stamp, Red. o",)

Blue Rose said...

wow! ang sweet naman nya. kakatuwa kapag nakakareceive tayo ng surprises noh.

Sreisaat said...


the donG said...

so thoughtful! kakatuwa naman si mari.

ey red the header is just cool! guimaras yan di ba?

Marites said...

wow! ang swit niya ano. kakaumpisa ko palang ng postcrossing. eksayted n ako:)

Mari (Whimsey) said...

Hi! Now I REALLY have to start learning a lot more Tagalog so I could understand a bot more :D! Have a nice day! :)