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Apr 21, 2009


I have to say, I am alive but still busy at the moment. I missed to comment on your latest posts yet I read them. I have so much things to tell and share but words have no space in my life right now. My brain is fully occupied by numbers.

I wanna share to you the last happy moment of my life. The photos were taken last Holy week in Guimaras.

I was riding on the rooftop of a tricycle. I am used to it when I am going in the province.

At Trappist Monastery with friends.

I better go to sleep now. It's 4:30 am.

Take care guys! I miss you all!


Mrs T said...

Red, ang gaganda ng view sa Guimaras. Is that the place where the best mangoes can be found? Great pics, thanks for sharing!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

those are indeed wonderful places that would truly print a happy face! :) good luck and God bless you Red!

lucas said...

akala ko dambana ng kagitingan. hehe! sa bubong pala ng tricycle yung kuhang yun. cool! matry nga minsan..hehe!

keep safe, red!

the donG said...

i never tried riding on top of a tricycle but riding on a jeep on top was one of the coolest thing that we did when we were in marinduque.

i actually noticed that it's normal to ride on top of the tricycle when we were traveling from iloilo to caticlan.

i should try it one day.

coolwaterworks said...

Hi Red,

Good thing you decided to post again... :) Welcome back... :)

I really want to visit Guimaras again. Been there in 1996... Hehehe...

Be well... :)

Blue Rose said...

wow! ganda pala ng guimaras. hindi pa ako nakakarating jan eh.

oh by the way, ang sarap ng otap from trappist ha. i enjoyed them pati nga baby ko gustung-gusto. maraming salamat red!

sheng said...

wow, bonding time with friends!

princess_dyanie said...

yay guimaras! gusto ko rin jan! btw, gano katagal ang ferry?

napunding alitaptap... said...

sobrang ganda nun moving effect. . .

nakakalula...pero nakakaaliw.ü