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Mar 15, 2009


Do you know Rob Pengson? I bet you know him. He is the handsome chef and very popular in the Philippines nowadays. Leaving the country at the age of 19, Rob stuck a deal with his parents to send him to culinary school. In exchange, not a single centavo would be given to him after graduation. He graduated from the California Culinary Institute and acquired his culinary experiences in the kitchens of different San Francisco Restaurants. He has achieved more than his contemporaries and is now the executive chef of a catering business. How lucky a woman having this chef in her kitchen one day and taste his extraordinary menus. It's like a kitchen full of classy designs and contemporary styles. Without a great chef however, you can be a good cook with an organize kitchen. Enclume is on the rescue. With enclume pot rack, your pots and pans will be in its proper place. Enclume potracks also add as a classy decors to your kitchen. And most of all enclume pot racks last a lifetime. You can be proud of your kitchen and invite Rob Pengson home.

1 comment:

lucas said...

nako hindi ko siya kilala...hehe!

pwede bang mgapaturo sa kanyang magluto. i suck at cooking...T_T