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Mar 13, 2009


(This birthday card came from Kateryna of France. She is one a nice postcrosser-online friend. Thank you Kateryna and advance happy birthday to your husband on 15th.)

Thank you for those people who greeted me today and to those you will greet me after reading this post.

On this post I will put the birthday wishes and it will be treasured forever.

John (my officemate-thoughtful friend who greeted me through text)- Ma-ayong! Anak Happy happy Birthday. More blessings, good health, prosperity and may all your wishes come true. May God bless you always. Continue the good deeds you impart to others and it will return to you many folds. Greetings from the three of us. More power to you.

Mrs. T-(one of the nicest blogger-friends) Happy birthday Red! SOrryif I woke you up! Have a really great day and hope all your wishes come true. God bless you in everything!

ETA (my true friend)- Gang Happy Birthday!

GOLD (my bestfriend)- Mega! Wish you good health, good life and good fortune. God Bless you always! -from Ramon & Gold. I replied to her. Thanks Megah- Dapat next year tatlo na ang mag-greet sa akin. Pwede rin apat kung kambal.

HARRY- Elow mga mega. Good day! Happy Happy Birthday. Love you. Muah!

SOCSY- (one of my college close friend)- Happy birthday friend. May God will continue to bless you and guide you always. May you have more birthdays to come. I love you friend.

NOR- (my so called father in the office, John is my so called mother)- Peace in your heart, helath in your body, wealth in your life, joy in your mission. May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANAK!

CHARITO-(one of my high school close friend)- Mega happy happy birthday. Musta na ang debutante?

BLUE ROSE- Alam ko kung bakit ka day off today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REDLAN! may all your wishes come true. enjoy your day. burger! burger! burger!

Thanks too to Jenalyn, Kerker, Laila, Ariel Steve, Jennie, Cyrille, Imee and to my officemates, nieces especially to my dear sister who whispered her greeting before she went to work. The bonquet of flowers is one of the birthday gifts I received this year that surprised me. I don't actually like receiving roses but thank you!

Since it's my birthday today, I have to admit 3 facts about me:

1. I am 33 years old. And the 13 boring day posts were part of my birthday celebration.

2. I am gay.

3. I have a child but I don't have a wife.

Again, thank you guys! I have only one birthday wish and it's for everybody. GOOD HEALTH. We can do anything, we can have everything as long as we have it. WE CAN HAVE IT ALL!

I will visit your blog just tomorrow. Remember, it's my day off.


princess_dyanie said...

Happy Birthdaaaaaaay Red!!!!!!!!! :)

sana ay ma achieve mo lahat ng wishes mo. Just keep the faith and always trust God. :)

Happy birthdaaay again! :)

*cheers! :)

Reena said...

Happy happy birthday!!! Kaya naman pala nag day off eh.

Hehe...Where's the party? :) May all your wishes come true kasi kasama ako sa wish mo. Hehe...Take care!!!

ced said...

happy birthday!
cheers for all of us march celebrants! hehe

ingats po!


Nah uh! You aint retard! Borderline perhaps? haha!

Happy Bday Red!

(Believe me, Ive scanned all your posts upto that trip to Turtle island).

Just been busy and unfortunately, (currently) Im emotionally low Red, I'll catch up with you soon. K?



And please tell Bry I cant open his site... Why?

Fjordan Allego said...

Happy Birthday kuya Red! weeehhh!! treat naman diyan! hahaha!

More blessings to come po!

Mrs T said...

tatay ka na???? talaga??? kulit ko no? TY for sharing Red! Sana nag enjoy ka sa day off mo.

rara said...

just stay happy sir!

Nance said...

belated Happy Bday, Redlan! you have a lot of good friends out there because you're YOU!

Christian Bryan said...

naku bakit ngayon ko lang nalaman?

siguro kasi tumilapon ako sa motor kagabi at nagkaron ako ng malaking sugat sa kaliwang braso :(

anyway, sorry Kuya Red for the late greetings!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I'll not wish for you to be happy on your bday kasi.

1.) Tapos na!
2.) Not only in a specific day buy forever because you deserve to be happy!

Happy BIRTHDAY ulit! :)

""rare*jonRez"" said...

i haven't greeted u on your birthday last friday red. it was my sister's birthday, too kaya i was so busy offline. hehe... hope u had a blast! God bless you...

pero teka, i'm confused with your number 3 revelation. ikaw ba talaga ay may anak na? so you're one great father then because you're such a good person.

Lawstude said...

Happy Birthday Red. Many more to come.