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Mar 29, 2009


Since I met paper and pen, I know we became good friends. I spent most of my childhood moments in drawing. Unfortunately, I was not able to pursue my interest in arts because my sister wanted me to take up business course. But despite of that, I never stop doing the things that I really like. I still draw, paint, crafting, and other related artworks. Even at work, I use arts. I have a blog and here I show and share arts. However, I still really want to know more about arts. I wanted to study or even enroll in art workshop. I really want to know how to do portrait. I joined in some online art forum and I am learning a lot with other artists. I even envy Fabian Perez because he is good in portrait. With his paintings, I can see real emotions and body language. His style is really unique!


Anonymous said...

until now, I get amazed when I see a fancy notebook and a Gel Pen! :)

hilig ko rin ang lettering :)

HalfCrazy said...

It's nice to know that even though you took a different course, sa arts ka pa rin. Ah well, pwede namang pagsabayin yan eh!

I went to Fabian's site and wow, amazing nga naman paintings nya! Definitely body language, he caught the essence! Parang I feel really connected to his works!

Reena said...

for sure red, you can't do both at the same time. :)

i love the arts too! goodluck! i support you!!!

Dennis Villegas said...

You are very artistic Red.

the donG said...

magaling nga. pero yakang yaka mo rin red.