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Mar 27, 2009


How to use your credit card smartly:

* Keep a record or memorize your credit card number and your issuing bank's contact details which can be found at the back of your credit card.

* If you are issued a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for ATM Cash Advance Transactions, memorize it and destroy the mailer on which it was sent to you. Never change your PIN to combination that could easily be identified such as your birthday.

* Keep a copy of your transaction receipt so you can match them against your monthly statement of account. Report any charges that you do not recognize IMMEDIATELY OR WITHIN THE DESIGNATED TIMELINE STATED IN YOUR STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT.

* Never share your credit card details and PIN to any person. Transactions that use your credit card number and PIN may be charged to you.

* Notify your issuing bank of any charges in your contact details and address.

* Personally hand over your credit card to the cashier when paying for transactions.

* Always make sure that the amount on the transaction slip is the actual amount of your purchase before you sign. Never sign a blank transaction slip.

* Make sure to secure your card while shopping. If your card gets lost, immediately call your issuing bank to avoid paying fraudulent transactions.

* To ensure that you are not logged on to a spoofed website, check that the URL address starts with "http". Moreover there should be a padlock icon located at the lower right portion of the webpage to indicate that it is a secured website.

* Your issuing bank will never call you to ask for your credit card or your account information. Should you receive such calls or letters, always call your issuing bank on the number at the back of your credit card for verification.

* Endorse or sign all credit cards as soon as they are received from the bank.

* Keep a list of your credit card numbers and the card company's call center/emergency hotline numbers in case of disputes, questions or to report a lost or stolen card.

* Never allow the use of your credit card as reference (credit card number) or as an identification card.

* Take note whether your card is held for more than the regular time. Be alert when it is not returned to you after an unusually long period.

* Keep your credit cards in a secure place.

This credit card care tips is brought to you by Credit Card Association of the Philippines.

In addition, don't say "YES" immediately to callers asking you to avail a special offer, discounts or benefits especially if it is an Insurance company if you think you don't necessarily need it.


HalfCrazy said...

I don't have a credit card yet lol!

HalfCrazy said...

By the way, when are you gonna post your topic for the Tambayan Tuesday? :P

Reena said...

this is great info! ma-print nga. hehe...

basta ako, use credit cards only during when out of cash for a good pair of shoes! haha...jk...syempre during medical emergencies.

joke, basta pay the entire amount in your bill. and keep track of all your payments.

although i honestly maximize my credit card para tumaas yung credit limits. :)

the donG said...

ayos na mga tips red. susunod dito redlan's tipid tips. sounds good.

literally web na talaga ang header mo.