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Feb 4, 2009


I received some Christmas gifts last year. Most of them were cash-gifts. I admit, I was so excited to see the gifts (who is not?). After I unwrapped my last gift, something caught my attention and it seemed I heard a whisper. The message composed on my mind. It was about self-pity not on my part but it made me feel a slight guilty.

In my entire life, I never appreciate the physical appearance. What's important is inside. I am talking about the gifts. I usually eager to see the gift and I don't mind the gift wrap. But after I had a mental telepathy with the gift-wrap, a weird idea popped on my head.

And the reactions:

domho! special wrapped gifts. just like the one i received!

Mrs T with personal touch, that's great! Have a wonderful 2009 Red!

RJ said...Sa effort pa lang ng giver sa pagbabalot, sobrang saya na ako kung may matatanggap akong gift na ganyan ang pagkabalot! Ang ganda! Wow! o",)Ano kaya ang laman ng mga 'yon? (,"o

sheng said...Galing, sa wrapping pa lang masusurpresa na pagbibigyan mo!

Roselle said...hi red!!!! happy new year too!!! :) next christmas, kontratahin kita taga gift wrap ko :D gift wrap palang regalo na eh ehehehe

Bry said...they look like chiffon cakes Kuya Red...hehehe. I am guessing that most of them are books :)

jeanny ganda ng wrappping, mas kaka excite sa makakatanggap nyan :)

claire said...very creative wraps!! surely, the people who received those gifts wouldn't want to tear the wrappings! you're so cool, red!

the spool artist said..with wrappers like this, i wouldn't even think of opening them... they're just too cool!

lucas said...ang sipag mong magbalot mate :) and very artistic. sana hindi lang itapon noh? hehe!

After all, I did something for the gift-wrap to be appreciated and I made it proud of itself. (Ayan, wala na akong utang sa'yo gift-wrap)


RJ said...

Tama nga, ang laman ang mas importante at ang thought. Pero dagdag pogi points kapag maganda ang pagka-balot, Red, ano?! Dyan ka mas nakakalamang.

Ayos ah, ibinalik mo pa ang post na ito.

Dennis Villegas said...

Those are very beautiful, an artwork in themselves. The one with the shirt design is so cool! It even has a red rose! I want to receive something like that even if there is nothing inside ;)

Blue Rose said...

beautiful! kuha ka na ng pwesto red. pwedeng pagkakitaan yan. hahaha

it's the thought that count. but of course, additional pogi points kapag maganda ang balot. kakahinayang punitin. hehehe

recel said...

with that kind of wrapping red, i would really be in awe. just very nice!

and of course, it's the thought that counts the most!

the donG said...

ang alam ko yung natangap ko ang pinakamaganda. hehehe... di ba? hugis damit kasi.


So what was inside? Hmmm... basi illegal drugs? lol!

REDLAN said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I can't reply back but I will comment on your post instead.

Nance said...

They are all beautifully wrapped but my faves are the green shirt and the pink colored one, very creative!

Christian Bryan said...

hello Kuya Red! Sana lahat ng plans mo magawa mo!!

I haven't received a gift with great wraps in a long time :)

pero okey lang, impt nga laman! kung susi yung ng car diko na kailangan ng balot! ahahhaha

HAPPY VDAY! di pa ako nakikipagdate ah, busy lang! lol