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Feb 5, 2009


Despite of my busy-ness, I am planning to take a break or else I gonna be crazy. In fact, I list some possible trip on my mind. I hope it will work out since the weather is not actually that fine but okay to travel outside the city.

Here's my list of possible trips:

* I'll visit my family this weekend.

* I'll visit historical churches again to take some photos. I am working for a scrapbook project.

* I'll visit my bestfriend in Roxas City.

* I planned to have an island-hopping in Guimaras together with my high school friends.

What else?

I missed someone now. We never talk for about a month now.

This is Tigbauan church wherein I first attended mass and received my communion. This is part of the photo scrapbook I am working.



Thanks for your comments RED. Ok na tani, galing may "Deep T". lol!

And TC sa escapades.

RJ said...

Sige, gawin mo ang gusto mong pamamasyal, Red. Enjoy ka naman outdoor.

Maganda ang kuha mo ng Tigbauan Church. Sa lawak ng nakuha mong foreground, nararamdaman kong napakaaliwalas ng lugar.

Tigbauan?! Galing sa salitang 'tigbau'- na mga damong katulad ng kawayan? Marami n'yan sa amin noon. Pangalan ba 'yan ng bayan, Red?

lucas said...

wow! island hopping??? bloody cool! maggaganyan din ako balang araw..hehe!

can't wait to see that scrap book project :)

Lawstude said...

How 'bout hopping over to Luzon. Dom have a scheduled trip to Mount Pinatubo or you can visit my place here in Nueva Ecija.

Allen Yuarata said...

Sama mo din ang napakagandang Sta. Barbara Church ha!

PUSANG-gala said...

do what your hear desires----you got a lot to choose from---to start with, that's good.

Blue Rose said...

have fun red. buti ka pa. ako hindi ko pa alam kelan ako makakaluwag.sobrang busy pa ng sked ko eh.

ingatz. happy weekend.

goldensparks said...

Hi friend.. Nice and interesting post.. Great pic.. DO find time to visit my blog and post your comments.. Also i have added you to my blog roll.. Hop you too will do the same.. Tak care mate.. Cheers!!!

Nance said...

hey red!...just do it! ;)
but before you do, go check out my blog, i posted my postcard collections, just for you! lol

Dennis Villegas said...

Okay, will wait for your Church photos, I know Ilo-ilo has some of the oldest and loveliest of these worship edifices.
Your bestfriend is from Roxas? Well, my ex-GF was from there too. I haven't been there but many people say it's a very lovely town.