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Feb 22, 2009


Philippines is celebrating festivals all year round. Every region, provinces and cities has different kinds of festivities. There are some festivals in Iloilo and one of them is Paraw Regatta. The Iloilo Paraw Regatta is a race among native outriggers in the strait between Guimaras Island and Iloilo City. It is instituted in 1973 and has grown both in size and renown. The event has become more exciting, colorful and challenging. This is an activity every summer hedged with rules, umpires and kibitzers.

I arrived in the seashore of Arevalo (Villa), Iloilo at 6:45 am since the program will start at 7am.

Other sailboats were already on the seashore.

Kids were the more excited onlookers. They were waiting at rest.

Some outriggers were just about to prepare.

I love the paintings.

Getting ready.

The race started at exactly 9:30 am. What can I say?

"Till next year!


sheng said...

I was able to visit Villa last year when we went there, kinulang sa Bora, napadaan diyan, naligo ulit... sa pool nga lang, the beach seems dirty.

REDLAN said...

Dirty talaga pero may naliligo pa rin mostly mga taga dun at sa city proper. I remembered nga when I was in high school, nagkaroon kami ng outing dyan hindi ko alam medyo dirty nga. hehehe. Ang villa is the home of flowers tapos masarap ang seafoods dyan. yun lang yun.

Jeanny said...

ganda naman dyan. wish I could visit iloilo very soon!

Christian Bryan said...


Ganda nung Superman na Vinta? Vinta ba yan?! hehehe

I miss being here

lucas said...

wow, RED! astig to ahhh! these are the most creative and artistic sails i've seen... hindi ko alam na may ganito pala sa pinas.

sino nanalo?

Blue Rose said...

aww! ganda ng place. summer na naman marami na naman ang dadayo sa beach.

sana soon marating na din ako ng iloilo.

the donG said...

wow! dami pala. akala ko konti lang. saya yan. did you try riding one during the event?

Lawstude said...

wow makulay ang buhay. ganda.


diin ka da red?

""rare*jonRez"" said...

ang ganda-ganda! i miss beach na talaga! :)

Earvin said...

Nakaka-miss ang Iloilo!