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Nov 14, 2008


Na-miss nyo ba ako? I'm St. Charles and I'm still alive. I've been in heaven. No, I mean I was about to enter but I was not able to pass the interview of St. Peter. I think, I offended him. That's why he sent me back here on earth.

ST. PETER: "How can you describe heaven?"

ST. CHARLES: "If i am to describe heaven, i should say that it'll be the best place. a place were everyone is happy living with God", according to the donG.

"Heaven is not a place of destination. It's a feeling.... an emotion. Heaven is when you go to my site and follow my advices", according to KRIS JASPER.

"Heaven is everywhere or can be everywhere... you just have to search for it. It can be in our hearts or at home. its in every friendly conversation.. and even on our family.Hindi pa yan ang sagot ko hehehe.. mali eh.. para kong sinagot ang tanong na 'where is heaven?' here it is: Heaven is where every one experience unexplainable happiness", according to Fjordan Allego.

"Heaven is the feeling of absolute fulfillment and happiness...", according to RONeiluke,

"Well, for me, heaven is a bag of biscocho and ice cold coke on a warm sunday afternoon...
heaven is a plate of lato and grilled boneless bangus shared with friends at Breakthrough...heaven is a hot box of that yummy buko pie somewhere in oton...oh damn, i miss ilonggo food gid ya!!!!! that for me is pure heaven!", according to the spool artist.

"Heaven is a place where you can find absolute happiness. a place where you can be true to yourself. At nahanap ko na yan sa piling ng aking asawa at anak", according to Blue Rose.

"Heaven isn't a place of destination. because i am a Bible reader and a God-believer, therefore, i would go with what and how the Bible describes heaven. Revelation 21:1-4 tells the perfect description of heaven, as well as verses 10 to 27, and the entire chapter 22 of the book. it would be the perfect description of heaven, because if man has to describe, words are inadequate enough. But one thing i am sure of: heaven will be the perfect place i would sure want to be in, with God's glory reigning forever and ever", according to ""rare*jonRez"".

ST. PETER: How can you enter the Kingdom if you can't describe heaven in your own words? I will send you in Purgatory then and be with the holy souls."

ST CHARLES: Purgatory? I don't have any idea about heaven and Purgatory is like a limbo to me. Can you tell me how purgatory looks like? And what is Purgatory in the first place?"

ST. PETER: "The fire of Purgatory is equal in intensity to the fire of Hell, and that the slightest contact with it is more dreadful than all the possible sufferings of the earth", according to St. Thomas Aquinas. "It would be preferable to suffer all the possible torment of Earth until Judgment day, than pass one day in Purgatory", according to St. Augustine. "Holy Souls cannot merit for themselves, but they can obtain for us great graces. They can obtain for us astounding favors and deliver us from evils, sickness and dangers of every kind", according to St. Cyril Ligouri. "There are those souls who enjoyed the intimacy, who saw the example and shared in the intercission of great Saints during their lives and who, after death, were aided by their most efficious suffrages, yet were detained for such a length of time in Purgatory which may not happen to us who enjoy none of these wonderful privileges", according to St. Antoninos.

ST CHARLES: "Oh well... Now I know why are you just here at the door of heaven."

ST. CHARLES: "So, I'm back being a yaya(nanny) again. And Redlan requested me to deliver the book of Mitch Albom to Dong Ho. Congrats bro!"



the donG said...

yihaa! Thanks a lot St Charles. I didnt knw you are as generous as Redlan. Now i have a copy of that book that even reached heaven before it drops by our doorstep.

MeL said...

Saludo ako sa thoughtfulness at generosity mo, Kuya Red! :) I hope you'll make more people smile in your little ways.

Fjordan Allego said...

ohh.. andito ako.. naalala ko yung sagot na yan.. di ko lang matandaan kung saan hehehe.. nainteview ba kami ni st. charles?? hahaha

Blue Rose said...

congrats to dong! swerte mo naman.

salingPUSA said...

so this is some sort of a contest?hmmmmm....I guess I was late. Should have won that book instead. dikopa kasi nababasa yan e....good read

sheng said...

well, congrats, isa lang sa book ni mitch albom ang nabasa ko, tuesdays with morrie, and it made me cry...btw, red, baka naman generous ka enough to teach me or give me nice ideas for a christmas decoration here at the office, contest daw kasi siya per me please at sdumalay[at]yahoo[dot]com. Salamat!

RONeiluke, RN said...

i remembered that post when you asked us this question. ahehe! ang ikli pala ng sagot ko. hahaha!

loved that book. very enlightening :) wala bang tuesdays with morrie? loz!

peace out!


Hala nag promote pa ko ya!

RED> sa question mo. yeah, binasa nya and no comment lang siya.

I dont think I am being appreciated by A enuf. lol.

Bry said...

Kuya REDD!!

puyat puyat ako dito sa work grabe hehehe, heaven na heaven ang feeling ko pag natutulog.

that's heaven for me

the spool artist said...

hahaha... na starring pa tuloy ako... thanks redlan!


""rare*jonRez"" said...

congrats to the winner! :)

it's nice to compare words and ideas here Red!