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Nov 9, 2008


Out of 85 delegates, Miss Philippines Karla Henry was crowned Miss Earth 2008 tonight by the outgoing titleholder Miss Earth 2007, Jessica Nicole Trisko of Canada. Both are Filipino-Canadian.

Miss Earth 2007

Miss Earth 2008

Final Results

* Miss Earth 2008: Karla Henry (Philippines)

Miss Earth Air (1st runner-up): Miriam Odemba (Tanzania)

Miss Earth Water (2nd runner-up): Abigail Elizalde (Mexico)

Miss Earth Fire (3rd runner-up): Tatiane Alves (Brazil)

* Top 8 Finalists:

Mariana Rodríguez (Colombia)

Adriana Reverón (Spain)

Nasanin Nuri (Switzerland)

Daniela Torrealba (Venezuela)

* Top 16 Semifinalists:

Hana Svobodová (Czech Republic)

Seo Seol-hee (Korea)

Uko Ezinne (Nigeria)

Karolina Filipkowska (Poland)

Ruxandra Popa (Romania)

Anna Mezentseva (Russia)

Piyaporn Deejing (Thailand)

Jana Murrell (USA)

Special and Minor Awards:

* Best in National Costume: Shassia Ubillus (Panama)

* Best in Swimsuit: Abigail Elizalde (Mexico)

* Best in Long Gown: Daniela Torrealba (Venezuela)

* Miss Earth Designers Award: Karla Paula Henry (Philippines)

* Miss Friendship: Andrea Carolina León (Ecuador)

* Miss Photogenic: Karla Paula Henry (Philippines)

* Miss Talent: Rachael Smith (Australia)

The final question was "If you have a chance to speak to the newly elected US President, Barack Obama about the state of our global environment, what will you tell him?

The pageant was hosted by Billy Crawford, Miss Earth 2004 winner Priscilla Meirelles (Brazil) and Miss Earth Canada 2006 Riza Santos (ex PBB housemate).


Nicely said...

buti na lang walang nakuhang place si ms. greece. di kasi sya friendly eh. hmpt!

RONeiluke, RN said...

hindi ko natapos kagabi hehehe! but i was rooting for ms mexico ang switzerland...hehe! parang may hawig yung former winner kay ms philippines...hehehe! wala lang..

peace out, red!

the donG said...

astig! hindi ko to napanood. buti na lang pinay ang nanalo ngayon. taga cebu pa pala.

REDLAN said...

Talaga? @ Nicely

REDLAN said...

Maganda si Ms Mexico! Kaso smart at maganda rin ang ating kandidata @ Ron.

REDLAN said...

Oo @ Dong. Filipino-Canadian rin siya tulad ng last year winner.

ZJ said...

I wasn't surprised na siya ang nanalo - not only that she's a beauty, smart and articulate itong si Ms. Philippines. I thought Ms. Mexico looks like Ruffa when she smiles? Ms. Tanzania could have ran away with the crown kung mas may content sana ang sagot niya! *halata bang pinanood ang buong programa?* *lol*

REDLAN said...

Oo nga @ ZJ. Pareho tayong nagpuyat. Deserving talaga naman siya.

caryn said...

wow, they're really pretty ;-)

REDLAN said...

YES @ CARYN. Iba't ibang kalseng beauty.