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Aug 22, 2008


TIGBAUAN CHURCH: Looking at it from the road, the church doesn't seem to generate that much interest. Its simple, almost angular facade and ungainly collection of belfries gives no hint of the remarkable Ilonggo artisanship inside. However, upon entering its doors, the visitor is rewarded by a rich tapestry of colorful mosaics adorning the whole interior walls of the church. Each of the fourteen Stations of the Cross are rendered in intricate mosaic work, giving one the impression of being in an art gallery rather that in a house of prayer. Everything then leads the eye to the central mosaic, soaring above the altar, of Christ presiding over a gathering of saints. It is an impressive masterpiece inside a church so unremarkable on the outside, yet bursting with art and revelation from within. I was baptized in this church and had my first communion here.

(spot the difference)


Pepe said...

Masmadamo ang spanish style church da sa aton kumpara sa iban nga mga cities di bala....? siguro dugay nagtinir ang mga kastila sa panay island no....?

redlan said...

may point ka pepz. huo no?! subong ko lang na-realize bala. kay kadamu gid man sang mga simbahan napatindog nila. daw kada banwa gid ya bala.