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Jul 15, 2008


One time I talked about bed bugs in the office. Then one of my officemates interrupted and asked, “ what do bed bug bites look like?" We laughed at her. And she emphasized, it's not her fault if she doesn’t know what beg bugs are and what its bite look like since she never experience to have bed bugs at home. Personally, I had couple experience to bite by these little blood sucking bugs when I slept in my friend’s house. Well, bed bugs are essentially little bugs that are nocturnal and feed off human blood. They aren’t actually dangerous. However, the bites are annoying and your skin will itch like crazy. I am allergic with bed bug bites. has guidelines for you to get rid of bed bugs and its bites . it is better to clean your bed or house regularly in order not to have bed bugs in the first place.

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