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Jul 4, 2008

TRIZ~ the 4th of July celebrant(Feature-Picture)

First week of the month is the most hectic week for me. A lot of work deadlines left and right. That's why I can't update my blog regularly. Moreover, I took time to realize... go to the mall rather. I took time to watch T.V. specifically the T.V. series LOBO for it will end next week. And I took time to finish the photo scrapbook for Triz. She is the smart daughter of Recel, one of the nicest bloggers here. They will come back to the States next month. How time flies. I started making the scrap photo album for her last February. It's already July now! I was so busy at work that's why. Doing paid post is an addition. Plus, I have my personal life to maintain.

Last night, I forced myself to finish the photo album because today it's her birthday, the 4th of July. She is now 2 years old. To you Triz, happy happy 2nd birthday! You will become a pretty smart young lady soon, I am pretty sure. The photo album will remind you that one moment in your life, your parents are so proud of having you. I am one of the witnesses.

This is the last page of the scrap photo album with 20 back-to-back pages and 58 pictures. Artistically created using colored papers or stationery.


Islander said...

Lobo's script is melting... parang calamay, nagiging oa. happy birthday to Triz.. she looks cute and smart.


Red's work of art. another masterpiece?

te, ang akon ya? lol. (pati ka ah)

arnie said...

ganda ng work mo.
magandang birthday gift na rin sa kanya.:D galing!

the donG said...

napakabait mo at pasensyoso para gumawa nyan.

redlan said...

It is because, in-extend nila. kaya pabalik pablik yung storya @ islander.

si triz talagang smart at cute yan.nasubaybayan ko kasi.

redlan said...

hehehe @ KJ> Ang imu ano?

redlan said...

Thanks @ Arnie.

redlan said...

May patience talaga ako sa paggawa ng mga bagay pero hindi sa tao @ Dom. hehehe

Anonymous said...



hapi bertdi




Mrs T said...

Happy Bday Triz! Ang ganda naman ng regalo ng tita, hehe!

Pepe said...

Happy b-day Triz....! Wow, tani i-keep nya hasta sya magdalaga Red no....? =D

redlan said...

thanks sa pag-comment rimewire

oo nga mrs t. ambilis ng panahon. next month babalik na sila dyan sa tate.

Tani @ pepz.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

red, wow... this is truly a wonderful gift u have for triz. i can't wait to receive them. sa post na ito pa nga lang, i am sure ang ganda talaga ng scrap na 'to. thanks a lot red! u'r one great artist! and u'r patience in doing this is really appreciated.

for sure, this will be kept forever and will be remembered that it's redlan who gave this to us. the person na napakabait, kahit di pa na-met namin in person. :)

thanks a gain red!
the party was a blast. we all had a good time! hehe

redlan said...

Sorry @ Recel. Ngayon lang natapos. Tagal na nga since February ko pa inumpisahan. hehehe.

Thanks recel and you are always welcome!