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Jul 4, 2008


When I was still studying, I loved to collect celebrity magazines. I really love show business. It was the talk of the campus before and even until now. I loved watching entertainment shows on T.V., local shows and concert. Basketball is also popular here in the Philippines. I even wrote letter to PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) just to have an autographed photo of my favorite basketball player. I adore some of the international celebrities too. But I can just watch them only on T.V. and movies since they are in other countries. I can’t meet them personally.

Now, I am happy. I discovered a website that has a variety of memorabilia collection like actors’ autographs, popular music autographs and of course football autographs and signed football memorabilia. There are a lot of items for sale. For music, there are signed CDs and football memorabilia like autographed football shirts.

The items have been obtained by the owner himself or by representatives on his behalf at signings, fairs, premiers, award ceremonies and in other celebrity parties and occasions. All autographs and signed items are with lifetime guarantee of authenticity as laid down by the UACC. And all items carry a personal lifetime, money back guarantee. It is a 100% genuine!

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