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Jul 24, 2008

PRAGUE- a city of stunning beauty

It’s my big dream to visit European countries someday especially the city breaks in Prague. They say it is the most romantic fairy tale quality. Prague short breaks even offer an excitement adventure. Among the major attraction sights are the wonderful Prague Castle, the Cathedral, the Cobbled Labyrinth of the Old Town, fabulous Staromeske Namesti Square, the Charles Bridge, the beautiful baroque buildings of Mala Strana with its 15th Century Astronomical Clock to name the few.

Prague city breaks is really rich in architectural heritage and in history. It is the most popular city breaks in Europe. With a veritable living museum of picturesque medieval Cobblestones streets, Gothic church spires, beautiful bridges and gorgeous squares. It offers superb modern art galleries, fashionable shops, cozy traditional cafes, very romantic dining, world-class concerts, opera and ballet, a vibrant nightlife scene, and most of all, the world famous beer including Baweiser, Pilsner, Urquell & Pragues very own Staropramen which has been brewed in the city since 1869. Try to taste an original Czech liqueur, Becherovka. It is a better-sweet, yellow herbal drink. The Czechs is the number one beer drinking nation in the world indeed!

Walking is the effective way of getting around Prague to see the architectural views. But there are also Prague public transports which are efficient, clean, safe and cheap. They are Metro, Trams, Buses, Funicular and Taxi. There are two types of tickets: one for short trips and the other for longer journeys with charges. Strolling around the city is the best pleasure of Prague city breaks with its breath-taking architectural heritage, from Gothic to Art Nouveau.

Prague also has a rich theatre and cinema culture. Black Light Theatre & the National Marionette Theatre are among popular visiting theatres. Jazz fanatics will find Reduta, Jazz Club Zelezna, Ungelt Jazz & Blues Club and the Agharta record shop are the best clubs. Plus, frequent open-air summer concerts. It is polite to acknowledge people within a relatively closed space on a city break in Prague. Czechs will always greet and say goodbye to each other with a handshake. And you can’t go home without Crystal & Bohemian glass for they are popular souvenirs.

Say hello to Prague city breaks- a city of stunning beauty. It is a dream come true place to be. I wish to visit it someday!

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