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Jul 25, 2008


I am pretty sure you are one of the myriad fans of the American rapper, Lil Wayne. Do you still remember his first album with Hot Boys, Get It How U Live which was released in 1997? Tha Block is Hot was his first debut came out in 1999 and it debuted in the top ten on the American Billboard 200 chart and eventually led Lil Wayne to win a “Best New Artist” from the source magazine. After two albums released, Wayne reached popularity with his album, The Carter in 2004. It was followed its two subsequent albums Tha Carter II in 2005 and Tha Carter III this year.

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the donG said...

hindi ko pa narinig mga kanta nya. ngayon pa lang.

Lawstude said...

naku nasaang universe ba ko? di ko kilala yun ah tsaka mga kanta nya. mailimewire nga.

redlan said...

dom and norman, ngayon rin ako nakarinig ng kanta niya. he is an american rapper.