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Jul 25, 2008


Thanks God It's Friday!( as the common saying goes). I was so stressful for last two days. The work deadline plus the personal attachments and gatherings occupied almost my time. Everything has its end they say again. Deadline's done.

Last Wednesday I was busy preparing for the VAT deadline. I was working all day. Socsy was waiting for me half an hour at SM. Thanks for her long patience. She was the one who find a special wedding gift for our common best friend, Renalie. I was in a panic mood and just remembered to send her a "thank you" sms message when I arrived home. I slept late at 12:10 am. I woke up @ 5:49 am yesterday. It was the most busy and stressful day of the whole week. I finished some works before going to the office. Work finished before I went back at home to prepare for the wedding ceremony @ 2:30 pm. Hopefully, I was not late. I was able to see my college best friend walked down the aisle. She looked so happy. The last scene was picture-takinginside the church then we went to the reception place. It was so embarrassing that I accidentally broke a wine glass(for the first time in my whole life) in the middle of our dinner. Some old folks said it was a good sign, some said it's a bad sign. Superstitious belief over faith that is. But I learned something from that incident. Sometimes you helped others but at the end, you're the one who get into trouble and it cause embarrassment. But i think I was clumsy that moment. The special event was successful. I went home so tired. And I continue struggling with life today.

Goodnight everyone and have a wonderful day ahead!


TENTAY™ said...

argh wag kaya sila maniniwala sa mga pamahiing ganyan,... asus naman no...

pero on the second thought,,, hala ka!

joke lang naku baka magalet ka sakin. huhuhu!! wak po.. joke lan tlg.

pahinga na red. ako din matutulog. at sa tuesday night na ang balik ko sa work.. hays... oh sya ingattt! bisitahin kta sa aking pagpapahinga eheheh. =)

redlan said...

lol @ tentay. never ako napipikon. kakatawa nga.

tc ka. happy weekend.


sus! ininvite ka na, nangbuka ka pa? lol!

enjoy this weekend , red!

redlan said...

kahuluya gani @ KJ. hehehe

Anonymous said...

it's a good sign... hehehe! why? i don't know.. baw... stressful gid imo sked... take a rest and don't go struggling with life. :)

redlan said...

hahaha @ IfoundMe. kapoy gani pero nagi-enjoy man so far. kaw rin. tc.