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May 7, 2008


What’s in? What’s the latest fashion? What’s the latest model of mobile phones? People are up to date what the trend in fashion is and what are new gadgets. You can see the latest fashion on television shows. Celebrities are the fashion models that people follow. You can easily know what’s latest accessories, the latest bag brands and designs, the fashion in accessories, the latest clothes cut and style and the latest fashion shoes. Even in hairstyle and haircut trends.

There are also new things online. There is always a latest update and issues. There’s a lot of new websites launched. My friend just invited me to join a new website. SocialSpark is a new social networking site. It connects bloggers and advertisers. It will create blog traffic; grab more opportunities; and making new friends. SocialSpark have more cool and new features that both advertisers and bloggers will enjoy. I know because I am one of the new SocialSpark members. I am in the process of discovering this cool service they offer because it is all new to me. There are new set of members everyday. I searched member’s profiles and I saw a lot of Filipinos. I can’t find my friend’s profile for there's a lot of profiles to browse. I forgot to ask her username that’s why. I easily caught this member’s profile because her username is a Filipino name. I know, I will enjoy the service of SocialSpark. You can enjoy it too.


Mojo Potato said...

kadto ko sa guimaras...may i-recommend ka na place to stay..and places to visit???

mikes said...

ay anu yan?

parang prendster lang?

redlan said...

na-post ko na @ Mojo

hehehe @ mikes.

chat maktoob said...

Yes, nowadays you will always get informed with the latest styles and fashion through the social website. Great features such as chat, video uploading and photo sharing will always get the attention of people.