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May 7, 2008

PPP approved my first post!

Oh yeah. I had a good sleep last night! But I forgot to turn off the light and even wash my face, brush my teeth and other rituals before sleeping. See? When I said I am tired, I felt so tired. I need to take a cat's nap now. It's 1:30 pm here. Work resume @ 2:00. I will write a long post after the work deadline. It's a promise.

@ 2:00pm

I just woke up and it's time to resume work. I have a great and refresh feeling even I just had a short nap (about 30 minutes). Another thing that bright up my day is.... guess what? PPP just approved my first post! It was quick and easy! Although, I had a hard time and got a problem in the posting process because I am not good in following instructions and in putting the required codes. Am so thankful that Mrs. T is always there to help me. I owe it all to her. Thank you Mrs. T and PPP.
Honestly, I had a bad impression about PPP and other related paying sites because I think it's only a destruction in blogging. When you say of blog, it's an online journal that you write about yourself and personal things. The things you like and the things you do that you update anytime. I had a wise decision to sign up in PPP. I realized that I can earn while blogging. I can still write what I want and the things I do. At the same time, I promote some products and services. You are not force to write the things you don't like. You have the option to accept or decline it.

I am just starting. I know, it's a long way to go. I hope I will not tired doing it. But one thing I can assure, I will not stop blogging because I love it! It's my way of expressing myself and my emotions.

Keep blogging guys!


triZzZ said...

wow,PPP. gusto ko din mag-ppp kaya lang kailangan ko muna i-improve ang traffic ng blog ko. (:

can't wait for the long post. (:

rara said...

well goodluck on your quest!

redlan said...

kaya mo yan trizzz. Bumibisita ka naman sa ibang blogs at dami rin bumibisita sau. try mo.

redlan said...

Thanks @ Rara

Mrs T said...

Red, masasanay ka rin, later kayang kaya mona yan kahit nakapikit, LOL! Good luck!

donspink31 said...

Bongga ka rod ha. Napa post ka na sa PPP. Good luck to you.


Congrats Red!

Dollar earner ka na?

blow out naman jan... haha...

redlan said...

wala pa ah. ginatestingan ko lang kung tuod. basi scam. whahaha