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May 12, 2008


Yesterday, I was eating @ Greenwich when I noticed the two street kids knocking on the crystal wall. I took a glance and smiled at them. It was a good timing. I requested the crew that I will take the salad out. I usually shy to give something to these street children because people around me may think that I am just showing off my kindness. Frankly, I don't give them money. When I give something for them to eat, I feel it's my accomplishment. I am happy to see the real joy flash on their faces.

Despite of transport strike today, I obliged to wake up early and go to work. My job really sucks! I want to blow it! But I can't. It is my source of living. I noticed lately that i work so hard. I take it seriously. I do multi-tasking. I can write while talking on the phone, printing while encoding, working while blogging. And I learned to do a thing while waiting for something to be done. Even on Sundays, I am working still. I work day and night.

Tomorrow is another working day. I still have pending works to finish and some pending topics to post.

1. About someone who made me cry.
2. About a friend turned blogger.
3. About an Ilonggo business clan.
4. About the Chinese audio conversation I can't understand.

That's yesterday, today and tomorrow tasks.


Anonymous said...

ako kuya red, nawalan ng cellphone :( nagbago na naman ako ng number! kasumpa sumpa ang transport strike, nagmistulang EDSA dos ang makati kagabi, daming mandurukot!

the donG said...

redlan, i admire you for your generosity to them. i also do the same, i rarely give money.

working while blogging>>> lines from real bloggers by heart. hehehe...

triZzZ said...

ang bait... tama, kesa pera ibigay, mabuti pang food,kapag money kasi baka kung saan pa nila gamitin.

kayang-kaya mo yan ng powers mo kuya! ikaw pa! but remember to give yourself a break ha!


redlan said...

sad to know that bry. marami talaga ang mandurukot sa mga crowded na lugar. kaya doble ingat sa susunod.

oo nga dong. kapag may extra money at may pagkakataon, why not?

tama @ trizz. kapag food diretso sa bituka. thanks , i really need a break. hehehe

Mrs T said...

hey Red, take time to kick back and relax, wag masyadong mag trabaho, u work so hard, kita mo ako, hardly working, hehe!

redlan said...

Hindi ko nga alam kong ano ang uunahin ko mrs t. super busy ako!

jeeper said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a nice one going on here. I give them food rather than money sometimes and my girlfriend told me that I "may" be patronizing them to continue doing that practice.

redlan said...

Thanks too @ Jeepnoy. Medyo tama naman ang gf mo pero okay lang kapag gusto nating magbigay galing sa ating puso. masarap ang feeling. thanks sa pag-comment.

Pepe said...

Blessings are coming your way Red, keep it up....! We saw a lot of those street kids when we went balikbayan last time.... Kaluluoy sila, pero kis-a na-realised ko nga limited lang gid ang kaya mo nga ibulig kag indi mo kaya buligan sila sa tanan nga oras mga masugata mo sila.... But it's a good feeling of course when you know that you've helped somebody.... =D

redlan said...

Oo man pepz. Kug may ibulig ta, ti buligan.