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May 11, 2008


My mother just know how to write and read a word or a name
But she taught me to value important and good things.

She empharized that I need to study
And to have a Bachelor's degree.

She told me, "don't talk when your mouth is full".
She taught me to be humble and respectful.

She cares a lot and love me so much.
Even a lil pinch, I never had.

She never scold or shout
She support me all throughout.

She gives advice and just understand
In my side, she always stand.

But one thing she don't want me to do
To leave her and I will go.

She don't want me to go far away
All she wish for me is to stay.

She is a family-oriented mother
She wanted her family to stick together.

That's why I am still here in the Philippines
Because I love my mom more than anyone and anything else.

-REDLAN 2008


the donG said...

wow! amazing love. extend my greetings to her. happy mother's day to all the moms.

redlan said...

Thanks for the comment Dong. Yeah I will extend your greeting when i go home. hehehe

LAD said...

Happy mama's boy's Mother's day! Haha. As promise, nag update na ako. Pero bihira lang siguro haha

Anonymous said...

nice poem for your mother.

belated happy mother's day to your mum!

thanks for visiting mine. can i add you? :)

redlan said...

Uy lance! welcome back. Happy mom's day rin sa nanay mo!

Thanks @ Kris. belated happy nanay's day rin sa mom mo.

I added you. Thanks!

Mrs T said...

nice poem, thanks for sharing!

claire said...

belated mum's day to your mom :)

Pepe said...

Very nice bilib ko ha-ha....! Tani gin hambal mo ko para naobrahan ko ni sang drawing Red....! =D

redlan said...

you are welcome Mrs t!

sau rin @ cleck!

Haha. Amu na ang kamatuoran pepz. hehehe. Baw ti. tani no, nami ka daan magdrawing. hehehe

triZzZ said...

wow naman. Ang sweet! loveit!

belated happy mother's day din so mom mo! (:

redlan said...

thanks @ Trizzz. belated mom's day rin si mom mo.