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May 11, 2008


We know our personal data online is not all safe. There are hackers and identity theft who can trace it. So please don’t give your personal identity especially your bank account number online. Some of them will send you an email to inform you that you win in lottery or someone donate you a big amount of money. My friend told me that it is better to sign in a direct website not in the site you found in an email message.

Like the bank wherein you can save and secure your money with great benefits for you in return, provides fraud alerts and renewals, reducing the amount of junk mails and unsolicited credit cards offers and other related services. And from time to time they have the latest innovative and exclusive services. Lifelock promo codes is the newest service they offer. It is free for the first month and annual membership code of $11 off! The value of life lock is to prevent and protect customers’ personal data and information from ID theft.

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