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May 8, 2008

IDrive is worry-free ONLINE BACKUP

Once I lost my files on the computer. The system crashed. I forgot to have a backup of all my files and I regret it. I bought USB 2.0 but I discovered I can’t transfer all my data from PC. It is really important to back up your files. And I found a more safe and spacious Online Backup. IDrive Basic is 2GB space-free without file type restrictions! You can save more photos, videos and important documents. While IDrive Pro is more useful for individuals or businesses that needs unlimited storage space for only a small fee of USD 4.95/month. Absolutely, Online Backup is secured and fast. No more worries!


Anonymous said...

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redlan said...

aha. panlaban. It's your choice. And I have to promote the site I found best. Thanks for dropping by and for the comment.