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May 9, 2008

GUIMARAS is an island with beautiful islets

One of my online friends here asked me what beautiful places to visit in Guimaras Island. I did research online since I just visited few of the cool places around. I love to explore the whole Guimaras too. Someday I will.

Mojo, here's the things to do and see in Guimaras

I was posted my Guimaras journey last March during the Holy week. I climbed to Balaan Bukid(Holy mountain) with my kikay Friend, Imee. There are still beautiful places in Guimaras.

A pumpboat will take you from Ortiz to Jordan wharf for bout 15 minutes. Then take a multicab from Jorda wharf to Raymen Beach Cottages. It is popularly known as Alubihod beach in Nueva Valencia. It is the cheaper beach resort to stay. Rent a pumpboat @ Alubihod if you want to experience island hopping. It range from 500-700 hundred (ask for a discount) for first 3 hours and 150 pesos per hour for the next hours(if you want to extend). There are breath-taking island to visit like:

Baras Beach Resort in Brgy. Lawi, Jordan
Isla Naburot Resort in Sinapsapan, Jordan
Turtle Island.
Sta. Maria Island
Nagarao Island Resort in Sibunag(quite far though)
Costa Aguada Island Resort in Sibunag.

There are some caves too. And the man-made SEAFDEC Research Station in Bgy. Magamay, Nueva Valencia.

Don't forget to drop by in Trappist Monastery in Brgy. San Miguel, Jordan. It is the only Trappist Monastery in the Philippines.

The other municipality of Guimaras is Buenavista where the El Retiro Resort is Located. Visit the Navalas Church located on Navalas. It is the oldest existing Roman Church in the province that survived the ravages of time.

There are a lot of beautiful places to visit. I have been in Guisi Resort in Nueva Valencia sometime in 2002. I wish to go back there again someday. It is well developed and the government is promoting the place now.



Richard the Adventurer said...

Haha! I hope makarating ako dito.


been there once (was there for a week) with college friends.. miss ko na horse riding at mga kasoy jan..

redlan said...

sana @ richard

ako kj, isang araw lang. halos 3 hours palagi. balik ko dayun sa city. lol

the donG said...

i have three friends who had the chance to visit guimaras. they agreed on one thing "panalo daw talaga doon". astig island! tsaka alam ko nandyan din ang pinakamasarap na mangga.

astig nga talaga!

redlan said...

Haha @ Dong. Hindi ko poa nga masyado nalibot ang buong guimaras pero I really love the place. Kapag sad ako andiyan ako tumatakbo at magpalipas ng oras. Pagbalik ko ng Iloilo City medyo nabawasan ang bigat sa loob ko.

Uy, may alam ka rin sa Guimaras. Tama ka, the place of the sweetest mangoes.

Pepe said...

Been there many times too, but always forget the places we've been pagnakauwi na ha-ha....! Balik ulit kami dyan kung may chance....! =D

redlan said...

nami na ang guimaras pepz. well developed na. gusto ko ma explore tanan nga lugar sa guimaras gani. makadtoan mo na tanan magpuli ka di. island hopping kamu dayon ni AB.

Mojo Potato said...

hehehe...ngayon lang ako nakareply...may bagyo nung pumunta el retiro kami pumunta...sayang at walang kuryente sa baras resort kaya ayaw ng parents ko...hehhee

salamat ng marami my friend!!!

redlan said...

okay JMA. Post some pics ha.