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Apr 29, 2008



Everyday I receive text messages from friends mostly.


"One day I asked God a bunch of beautiful flowers but instead, He gave a cactus with thorns. Later, I asked Him to give me butterflies, but instead He gave me worms. I was disappointed and wept. But, few days later, I have noticed that the cactus bloomed with beautiful flowers and the worms soon became butterflies. God wants us to wait for the right time for He knows all the best that He can give."

I forwarded an inspirational text message to the sender.


GMA and her family riding an airplane...

GMA: "What if I throw one check worth a million pesos out of the window to make at least one Filipino happy?"

Mike Arroyo: "Honey, why not throw two checks worth half a million to make Filipinos happy?"

Lui Arroyo: "Mom, why not throw four checks worth quarter of a million to make four Filipinos happy?"

Finally her granddaughter spoke.

"Grandma, why not simply throw yourself out of the window to make all Filipinos happy?"

I forwarded a funny joke too.


Bla bla bla... ( I can't remember the whole text anymore but the ending is like this...) Please pass this to 10 persons...."

I deleted the text message after I read it.


Unknown number: "Hello?"

I replied: "Yes?"

Unknown number: "Textmate?"

I did not text back.


Unknown number: "Red, you have a credit card, right?"

I did not bother to ask, "Who are you?" I switched off my phone instead.

I appreciates inspirational text messages. The funny texts make me smile. I don't like chain texts. The prank text annoys me. And there are people who text you when they need help. After you helped them, they gone like a wind. I learned a lesson from it.

Class dismissed.


tagged me last week. I am thankful because I have a reserved post for today's tuesday's TAG & TEXT.

The RULE: Post 10 things that recently made you happy, then tag ten other people and spread the LOVE!

10. I am happy for May 1's holiday. It would be a rest and fun day!

9. I am happy that the issue in the office is already resolved and cleared.

8. I am happy to go back in the blogging world.

7. I am happy to receive some checks payable to me.

6. I am happy that I can go home early, watch the Kapamilya shows and sleep long after work deadline.

5. I am happy that the most stressful work deadline is over now.

4. I am happy for my kikay friend who transfered to another company for a greater opportunity.

3. I am happy to know that I inspired someone.

I am happy to have real friends. Just few that I can hug them all.

1. I am happy that everything is okay.

Now I wanna share this tag of LOVE to Pepe, Mrs. T, Roselle, ZJ, Mike, Trizzz, Mojo, Recel, Ferbert and Francine.


Abad said...

wow, ang dami mong reasons to be happy. burger burger! gasgas na yung hirit na yan ngayon ko pa lang magagamit.


I rili rili like that GMA text.


sana magkatotoo.

Mrs T said...

TY for the tag Red, will do it as soon as i get time. Enjoy the rest of the week!

mikes said...

chige po sasagutan ko.

just give me time lang po :p

redlan said...

uy si Abad happy sa burger. Welcome back!

Lol @ KJ. Padala yan ni mama gurl sa akin. Actually last month pa yan hanggang ngayon naka-save sa inbox ko.

Ginawa mo na mrs t at nabasa ko na. Salamat ulit sa tulong. I really appreciate ur patience for me. hehehe. daghang salamat.

Take ur time mike. TC that cute face.

Pepe said...

Oi, may tag ka gali di sa akon....? Wala ko ni madiparahan kay wala gid time abi mag-blog kun weekdays....! Thanks Red, ubrahon ko ni sya subong.... Good timing kay wala ko madumduman nga topic to post pa he-he....! =D

redlan said...

Baw teh, la ta ka gin-inform kay bal-an ko mabasahan mo man gyapon @ Pepz