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Mar 13, 2008


I would like to thank the people who remembered my birthday and greeted me in advance, on time and late(it's still accepted).

Friends who greeted me in advance:

Rosalyn- my college classmate and one of my friends who sent message thru friendster.
Robelyn- my loyal high school friend. She sent her birthday greeting thru sms message.
John Ray- my co-blogger and co-friendster who greeted me thru friendster comment.
Mrs. T and Roselle- my nicest blog friends who created a personalized song for me. I loved it!

Friends who remembered my birthday and greeted me on time:

Susane- my high school classmate and friend who sent sms birthday message @ 1:19 am.
the message: Here's my card for you kindly open it.... HAPPY B-DAY!

Socsy- my college close friend from Guimaras island. She sent two sms messages
1. "Be happy with what you have while staying for what you want. Remember a happy and successful life begins with God and ends for GOD! Happy B-day!"
2. a relaxed mind, a peaceful soul, a joyful spirit, a healthy body, a loving heart and answered prayers...These are my birthday wishes for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

John- who greeted me thru sms message (Anak, happy happy birthday! I love you very much) and called up but he failed to talk to me because I was still sleeping @ 5:42 am.

Jenalyn- one of my high school friends who sent me sms message that says: Happy birthday rod!

Emily- my high school friend who celebrated her birthday the same day. She sent this sms birhtday messages: "Happy birthday! You mayhave good health, more blessings and more birthdays to come!" and "I wanted to give you something really special but I ran into a problem...How can I wrap a prayer?"

Charito- one of my high school friends who sent sms message: Happy Happy birthday friend!

Gold- my holy bestfriend! She sent her greeting thru sms. "Happy Birthday mega(our endearment to each other)! Don't worry if u r already out in the calendar. There's the lotto still." And she sent me the cake. I really appreciate her effort since she is in Roxas but still she abled to order a cake and let it delivered in the office.

Pica- my responsible niece who greeted me thru sms message. Here it is: "Uncs, Happy Birthday. Muah!"

Rommel- my longest chatmate, textmate, co-friendster turned special friend who surprised me because he did not communicate with me for a long time now. Here's his text message: Happi Birthday gwaps! God bless and I pray all the best for you."

Harry- one of my high school friends who greeted me thru friendster message and thru text.

My blog friends who greeted me thru cbox:

13 Mar 08, 12:42
ayel: happy bday, redlan! :D

13 Mar 08, 21:20
josh: happy bday red!

13 Mar 08, 08:36
FerBert: happy bday kuya!!! :D

Melanie and Ng Chuchi who are near yet so far but called up and greeted me.

And to those people who greeted me thru my comment page. They are:

Blogger Lawstude said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Blogger Tess said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY REDLAN! I wish u nothing but the BEST! Enjoy this special day! Labs u To!

Blogger Rara said...

may you have many more birthdays to come; and cakes to come too!

Blogger KRIS JASPER said...

Happy Bday RED!
tigulang ka na(!)?

Blogger Mojo Potato said...Happy Birthday REDLAN!

Anonymous kingdaddyrich said...

reminds me of my cake! :))


To my family and officemates that too many to mention.

To people who showed creativeness in greeting me. They are:

And to my friends who are late wishers but at least they still remembered to greet me:

Blogger Pepe said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday.... Happy bithday toooo youuuuuu....!

ZJ: Hi Red!! Happy Birthday!!! I do wish that you got what you wished for on your birthday :D

14 Mar 08, 19:15
aethen: HAPPI BDAY!

To Ms. Dona who called up to greet me and to my close friend Steve who forgot when the exact date of my birthday.

17 Mar 08, 21:46
Joliber Mapiles: Happy belated birthday, sorry for the late greetings..

18 Mar 08, 14:16
bry: belated happy bday kuya red : may u have the best life can offer :)

mamagirl04: belated happy birthday, friend! Its better late than never ;) All the blessings in the world and good health!

Blogger Fjordan Allego: hapi bday!!!! more blessings to come!!




Joliber Mapiles said...

Hi Redlan, I think I'm bit late... Happy Belated Birthday Redlan.. Sorry talaga ha, I've been so busy the fast few weeks..


why mega?

Tess said...

Red, dami mong fans, lol! Belated happy bday ulit, napadaan lang b4 ako tutulog, umaga na, i need to ge tup early pa for work, talk alter, TC! miss chatting with u!

bry said...

well dapat kuya red may mga feature ak din sa mga late bumati :) lolz


may u have the best life can offer :)

God Bless :)

Fjordan Allego said...

waahhhh... lagpas na kuya redlan!! huhuhu!!! matagal tagal din pala akong hindi nakadaan dito.. tama ba? matagal-tagal din akong hindi nakapagblog hehehe.. ayun../ hapi hapi bday!!!! more blessings to come!! napakabait mo!!! kip it up!!

redlan said...

Thanks Guys! especially To kris Jasper, mrs t, Jolliber, bry and Fjordz!


Pepe said...

You'are welcome Red, oi ari na naman ang nagahapit-hapit lang anay nga blogger....! Kumusta ang semana santa da, nagprusisyon ka....? Mayad lang kay wala ulan no....? =D

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