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Sep 10, 2007

A kind of drum is now a place called GUIMBAL

Today is the annual town fiesta of GUIMBAL, ILOILO. The town's patron saint is St. Nicholas of Tolentino.

is a 4th class municipality in the province of Iloilo, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 27,707 people in 5,310 households.

A closer fact compared to some other writings is that the name of the town was derived from a musical instrument called Guimbal, sometimes called by other researchers as gimba. The guimbal was one of the ancient musical instruments of the Spanish Panayanos. It is described as a drum usually thirty centimeters high and twenty centimeters in diameters, made from a hollowed trunk of a palm tree, cut and covered with either goat or deer skin. The guimbal or gimba as its variation, sometimes also spelled gimbal is confirmed as an ancient Malay instrument.

The Spaniards discovered the settlers using the instrument to warn the people of the coming of the raiding Moro pirates who used to loot the town and capture its natives to be sold as slaves in Kolambogan, Mindanao. As an expression of gratitude to the instrument, with high spirit and pride as the unconquered people of the settlement, the inhabitants named their settlement Guimbal.

We had lunch in my officamate's residence, 45 mins. to 1 hour travel from the city. I took this pic outside their gate which is located on the mountain top before the guimbal steel bridge.

Guimbal Steel Bridge - Constructed during the American period. The construction was ordered by US President Roosevelt. It is approximately 0.350 kilometers long and made of Pittsburgh Steel, which were imported from Virginia, USA. It is the longest steel bridge in Western Visayas.

As we passed by the town plaza on our way back to the city, I immediately took this pic for a chance. The Guimbal Plaza is known for its cleanliness and beauty.

For more information just visit the guimbal website.


JOSH said...

What a nice place! First time i heard about Guimbal. :)

mrs t said...

Happy Fiesta sa mga taga Guimbal!

redlan said...

Maganda yang town na yan. Thanks sa pagcomment Josh!

redlan said...

Mrs T, namiss mo rin ba ang mga fiesta?

MeL said...

I've been to Iloilo nun high school pa ako. That was my first and latest trip there. LOL. Di kami nagtagal sa City kasi dun kami nag-stay sa mga cousins ko at sa lola ko sa Batad at sa Estancia. :) Sana nga makarating ako dyan sa Guimbal next time. I'm planning to tour around the Phils pero sa ngayon pakonti-konti muna. :)

.: jackie :. said...

i envy u. parang sa mga blogs mo nalibot mo na buong pinas. ako i pity myself. parang kulang pa kaalaman ko sa mga lugar sa pinas. nauna pa sa ibang bansa.waaaaaaa...

nice pics redlan. parang im travelling na din with ur posts. thanks for the knowledge for each places :D

Pepe said...

I never been to guimbal Redlan.... Hey tong visit nyo sa guimaras gave me an idea about my bakasyon dira....! Gusto ko man magbisita didto he-he....! Madala ko dayon fishing-rods kay sigurado pamunit gid ang una ko nga activity ha-ha....!

redlan said...

May roots ka pala dito @ Mel. Wow, I never been in Estancia pa. Maganda dun ang palaisdaan at malapit sa dapat. Buti ka pa.

Ako rin gusto ko magpunta sa iba't ibang lugar sa pilipinas.

redlan said...

Sana malibot ko ang buong pilipinas @ Jackie. Around Visayas area pa lamang ako nakapunta. Gusto kung puntahan ang baguio, tagaytay, ilocos, etc. I am a nature lover.

Maswerte ka pa rin, nakapunta ka na sa ibang bansa. Sa takdang panahon babalikan mo rin naman ang pilipinas diba?

Ingat ka dyan palagi!

redlan said...

That's a kewl plan @ Pepe. U can tour around guimaras. Cheap naman ang magastos mo kasi marami na ang means of transportation dun. Marami ng jeep. Pwede ka magrent in affordable cost. Pwede ka mag island hopping for just 4hundred plus in first one hour plus 150/hr in excess.

Allen said...

Hey nice post about guimbal... I know nothing about it except that I need to pass through it to go to other places... haha :P

anyways what was the name of your other blog again? :D I wanted to include it in my sunday post but I forgot its name. :D

redlan said...

Hehehe @ Allen. U will pass it when u go to antique.

My other blog is not really active. di ko masyado maupdate yun. Mahirap ma manage ng dalawang blog. it's

Thanks sa pagcomment. Buti nafix kaagad ang laptop mo. gamay lang gintandog okay na.

MeL said...

Yup! Dun kami sumakay ng barko pa-Manila. :)
My mom is from Iloilo and I can understand Ilonggo. Trying ahrd nga lang ako magsalit ng dialect na yun. ;)

redlan said...

Kaw ha, may dugo ring ilonggo. ambot sa imu da. hehehe.

Nice to know u ilonggo!

Thanks Mel!