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Feb 1, 2012


It's the start of the summer season.  I just want to escape the so called love month.  Ha-ha!
I am a beach bum!  This photo was taken at Villa beach.  The home of the Paraw Regatta.


Anonymous said...

saang province ka ba ult red?

RedLan said...

Iloilo @Rene Martin

Iloilo ang banwa ko ginahingadlan. Matam is nga pulong ang akon natawhan. Di ko ikaw bulagan banwa kong nahamut an. Ikaw ang gintunaan sang kalipayan. hehehe

dong ho said...

swerte mo na ang daming magandang beach na malapit lang diyan. dito sa manila ang lalayo.

i love summer.

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sheng said...

Almost summer! I love it but sadly, we are to have a vacation in August and not on a summer. Maybe somewhere near lang.